10dp3dt BFN

Feeling really down today. TMI but I thought I saw tiny bit of CM lastnight so thought this is it it's actually worked. Tested this morning (daily ritual now) and another BFN. In my heart I feel that is hasn't worked. I keep hoping and making excuses like, well I'm not officially 10dpt until 11am so that could explain it. I so badly wanted this to be our turn, our chance to be parents. I even dreamt lastnight that I started bleeding- I haven't yet but I have zero hope. Although I've been mentally preparing myself and warning my DH that I've been having cramps all week I am still so disappointed. Will I ever get to have a baby? : ' (

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  • Aww Mrs T.im also feeling exactly like you.i have been testing since day 7 and its been negative.I did another test today day 9 still negative.im just tired if all this.i had a bit of a long cry this morning .otd is sunday so im just waiting.iv been googling like crazy and alot of women have had pfps after negative home tests even on otd.so stay positive it could still happen for you.its really hard to stay positive i know.and they say cramps a good sign sometimes.iv been feeling like af is coming since day 7 .so who knows.sending positive vibes to you as i also try to remain positive and patient.

  • I really feel like progesterone is the devil. I want to stop taking them so I can just get AF and just put an end to the misery. X

  • Yes I've also decided progesterone is the devil. And it's a sly old devil... my hubbie had sort of forgotten I'm still under the influence of the hormone cocktail cos he doesn't see me do the pessaries, unlike injections. He remembered when I had a screaming melt down on Monday though....

  • But it doesn't seem to stop me getting AF (had it both cycles before end of 2ww) so it's a positive sign you haven't got it yet in my book.

  • I was checking cervix earlier and I got light red/pinkish on my fingers. It's over. X

  • Diane on here said light bleeding can be caused by all sorts of things including damage to the cervix from pessaries etc.

    incidentally, I have no idea how to check my cervix or why I would want to! Am curious! Mind you mine is completely retroverted so I might struggle to get to it!

  • I think i was more curious than anything to check. I've read different things about it either being soft or hard, low or high blah blah.

    I was told to use the pessaries rectally so as to cause any irritation etc. Plus it's not messy. X

  • Hey there, is it not a bit too early for a positive test with a 3 day transfer? I dont want to get you hopes up but its not over yet! When is your official test date? Have a look at this xx


  • Perhaps...

    Some people get BFP at 7dp3dt but I know that everyone is different. I keep comparing to last cycle and I got my BFP at 5dp5dt. I thought if it had worked implantation would have happened Sunday with how I felt so would have thought HcG would have been in my system by now. X

  • Yes everone is different! Fingers crossed until you know otherwise, its not over till its over!xx

  • I think like Cinderella5 and it's a bit early... and I say that waking up feeling like my period will start any day... 7dp3dt today.

    My instructions were test Tuesday and Thursday. So I hope you're not right because that would mean my symptoms would be not looking good either. :( x

  • Fingers are crossed for both of us. I have a heavy heart of disappointment at the moment though. X

  • Keep some positivity in your shoes... just so when you're walking there's a little spring of hope in your step x

  • there's still hope, I have been getting cramps all week to, I'm at day 10 now and tested this morning and it was negative, iv prepared myself that it hasn't worked but still hoping, we will get there eventually, fingers crossed it all works out for you xx

  • I'm at 11dp3dt I did my first test today following a chart i have saying when a hpt could pick it up. It was negative. My OTD is Monday but I'm testing every day til then now. Keeping fingers crossed for us all πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€žπŸ€ž

  • I have two tests. Tuesday and Thursday. All my toes and fingers are crossed xx

  • 2nd hpt this morning at 12dp3dt another negative. Two more days to go before the OTD, changing to the clear blue for the next two x

  • I've just done mine and BFN aswell. I've been using FR as they are meant to be the most sensitive. I think I'd prefer to see no line than the words not pregnant. X

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