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Hi ladies (and gents)

I have just had a call from the infertility clinic. They are happy to refer me for ivf...but my bmi needs to be 19. I am currently 18.5 and have worked really hard to get there. I've always been really small, as have my mum and nan.

I need to be bmi of 19 by 23rd June. Does anyone have any tips to put on about 4 pounds? Eating more chocolate doesn't count 😊




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  • Try protein shakes and work on building muscle as this weighs more than fat. Good luck on you target weight! Xx

  • Complan drinks are good for weight gain.. my friend uses them xx

  • Complan are really good, but some people can't hack the taste of them! If you find you can't handle them, try McDonalds milkshakes xx

  • Carbs in your diet x

  • Eat brioche, its nice toasted with eggs... great weight gainer for me!! That's just for a quick fix if you need quick results. All the best. I was tiny for years until 40, used to have complan to try to gain weight but they never worked for me - may do for you..

  • Thank you all for your suggestions. I've been on the complan for a while and think it is helping. I've just got one final push to hopefully reach my target!


  • Hey you could try peanut or almond buuter a spponfull everyday in warm milk or on toast best to have it before going that u dont burn it off.also can get hazelnut butter aswell from holland and barrett or

  • Thanks Bibi. I really don't like peanut butter but I think that's irrelevant at this stage. I may try hazelnut or almond first 😊


  • Almond is deeeelious. Almond is really yummy. I have tried peanut n not a big

  • I know this isn't what you need to hear... I appreciate from friends how frustrating it is when you want to put on weight... but if you come and live with me I will happily help you put 6lbs on in two weeks. For me? I achieve that quicker than a pile of ironing!

    My friend upped her fatty fats like peanut butter and creams... seemed to help. They refused to live with me. xx

  • This has really made me giggle! I also have a friend who is adamant if I lived with her I would put some more weight on in no time.

    Thank you 😊


  • Happy to help with the giggles! I could post you my calories too? ;) x

  • That would be great πŸ˜‚ xx

  • Some really really heavy boots?!

    Only joking... best of luck with putting on the pounds xx

  • We've joked about putting weights in my pockets as well!

    Thank you. I'm feeling determined-I WILL do this!!


  • You will! It's such a small amount more. Try to move around less too... I bet you're one of those people who is never still and has a really high metabolism!

  • Well I'm a drama teacher so I do move around quite a bit. I am being very rested at the moment as had a laparoscapy last week. I have been trying to build a bit of muscle by doing weights.


  • I'v been same, I'm taking 2 complans per day. I buy the big tub for around Β£4.20 (original flavour) then mixing in milkshake powder (added calories). Defo work for me.. you could try three a day but I couldn't fit it all in lol

  • Thank you! I was wondering whether I should up the complan. Good idea on adding the milkshake!


  • Making sauces with creme fraiche and double cream has got to help? Also muscle building and tons of protein like others have said. Cool you're a drama teacher! I'm in Canterbury by the way and will be going to the Tunbridge clinic as the one near me is closing down x

  • How are you getting on with your weight gain programme? Xx

  • I think I've managed to meet the target...the bmi calculator tells me I have. So it's now hopefully just a case on maintaining. I have my appointment at the end of the month. Fingers crossed!

    Thank you for checking on me, really kind of you!!

    Hope you are doing ok.


  • Try weight training healthy way maybe to boost BMI without actually getting "bigger" but I'm not a fitness expert so double check it but I went size 12 to 8 but then the fitter I got my weight went up as I had more muscle but remained very very trim.

  • I was actually due for a gym induction today. My OH used to be a personal trainer so he asked me to join his gym and he will help me with some weight training. Unfortunately my fur baby has fractured his foot so he takes priority and I'm off to the vets instead! So induction moved to tomorrow.

    I definitely need to get toned up and try and reduce this cellulite!

    Thank you for your advice 😊


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