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Fluid stops play... again!

Hey there one and all, hope you're progressing well towards the goal.

I haven't been on here recently as I had another cancelled cycle and decided to fully take my head out of the fertility game and focus on other aspects of life.

So for those I haven't spoken to in a while, basically, I went for my baseline scan having been on burserlin and a mass of fluid was found on the left side of my uterus which they suspected may have been swollen inside and related to my unexplained blocked left tube.

The doctor was reluctant to proceed with ivf until further investigations had been completed as "fluid can wash away embryos" so it may jeopardise success.

So the ivf clinic have referred me back to my local hospital for a laperoscopy which may result in removal of my left tube before we can proceed with a 4th attempt at ivf (ivf 1 August 16 = 1st pregnancy and early miscarriage, ivf 2 Feb 17 cancelled on ec day in March as I was taken into theatre too late and I'd already ovulated, ivf 3 April 17 as above, to conclude a non-stop roller coaster 8 months to say the least!).

Shame is, 2 years ago when my unexplained blocked tube was discovered I requested a laperoscopy but the hospital decided to jump that investigation and send me straight for ivf which has wasted NHS time and money, our precious time with low ovarian reserve, our emotions, time off work, our money etc which may have been prevented... also can't help but think that if they'd investigated and removed my tube 2 years ago when I asked then right now we'd be excitedly anticipating the arrival of our precious little Pooky who would have been due next Friday instead of potentially having been "washed away". :-(

Anyway, sorry for the rant that I didn't intend on going into! I am truly grateful the investigations are finally being done and hopeful that this could be our answer and in the meantime I've returned to work, started getting fit and learning to drive so I am filling my time positively ready to be in better shape and a better Mama when our baby finally comes.

Not sure if anyone can tell me but I believe it's around a 3 month wait for a laperoscopy, then I'm not sure if they take the tube while they're in there (if necessary), then I guess there's healing time before we can go again? So I'll be another year older, wiser and I guess able to approach this whole thing in a different way by round 4.

For now though, I'm going to release the pause button from my life, actually book tickets to festivals, be spontaneous and not plan every breath around "potential ivf" as I've learned it's an unpredictable game. Instead, I'm gonna make the most of appreciating what I have got and try to make other achievements to make each moment count and hope my baby is waiting in the wings for the time to be right.

Love and hugs to everyone and tumps of baby dust. May our dreams be just around the corner, even though they may be hidden from view, believe they're still there xxx

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Hi Pookymama. This makes me sad to think that perhaps your blocked tube may have been the cause for your treatment cycles not working. I think that when you go back for a follow up appointment, and definitely before any laparoscopy is performed, you need to clarify that they will clip or removed the affected tube(s) if the problem is still found to be present during the laparoscopy - or get an explanation as to why not, if they say "no". I cannot comment on waiting times, as you will have to enquire at your clinic or perhaps through your consultant's secretary. Obviously, I hope that all goes as it should do next time round, and of course for success. Thinking of you.Diane


What a fantastic attitude you have when you've been through so much. I really hope all goes well for you x


Hey pookymama. So sorry youve gone through suh hard time.Love that ur positive and its wonderfull ur focusing on other great things in life. And its great to just relax and be happy and not have to wprry about ivf everyday. Im also learning to drive so that keepz my mind off this whole process. Xxxx


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