Our snow baby

Our snow baby

What I wouldn't give to be able to go back to bed this morning instead of having to go to hospital. I hope I don't have to be in a waiting room with women who have their bumps, I'm happy for them but I can't be with them. Thank you all for giving me the strength to get through the last two days. I know you'll give me the strength to get through today and the days that follow xx

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  • Thinking of you tugs girl. Just focus on getting through today xx

  • Thinking of you darling. Be strong! I know it's hard. Theee weeks ago I lost my babies and seeing pregnant women and babies breaks me in two. I guess it will get easier. Good luck for today xxxxx

  • ❤️

  • Thinking of you today and sending you strength and love

  • Thinking of you and sending you massive hugs no one should have to go threw this xx

  • You can do this. Xx

  • What a lovely poem! Will be thinking of you both today.xx

  • Be kind to yourself during this really difficult time :( Sending love xx

  • Sending you lots of love on such a hard day lovely xxxxx

  • Sorry for you dear. Hope you'll be strong enough to overcome all that. I believe your dream will come true one day and you'll have your long-awaited baby. Maybe it's worth considering ivf on donor eggs? As I understood you are still striving with yours only.. ?

    Wish you luck xx

  • We have 3 good quality blastocysts in the freezer x

  • Hi Tugsgirl,

    Beautiful poem ❤ Thinking of you today and sending my love xxx

  • Oh goodness Tugsgirl. I know exactly how this feels. You will find the strength- just get through the day and the rest can come later. Very touching poem hon xxx

  • Totally totally understandable.... I wish you all the strength Tugs, we are all here to support as much and whenever you want ok, your not alone at all....I wish you all the very best to n what the future may hold for you, one thing that will remain consultant and unconditional is the support we will offer each other.

  • Beautiful poem find strength today and believe in the future xx

  • Take care today. Don't let them pressurise you to do anything until you're ready x

  • thoughts are with you x x

  • Forget astronauts and jungle explorers...the bravest and most intrepid of women are the ones who walk this (often perilous) journey. Thinking of you today and wishing you more carefree days in time xx

  • Let us know how you get on. That poem brought me to tears. ❤️

  • Although we're waiting in the corridor outside the epu it's in the women's health section of the hospital. There are pregnant women and newborn babies being carried up and down the corridor in front of me. I've had to walk off and hide in a corner as it's breaking me x

  • It's dreadful isn't it. That's the same at our hospital in Leeds. I remember being in the lift on the way up to have pessaries inserted so start the miscarriage and I was listening to a woman who was moaning about having another girl 😡 As the epu was connected. I got out the loft and threw up in a bin. As was still getting symptoms and overwhelmed by it all. They really should have a separate bit ☹️

  • That's awful you hear about this happening all the time it's not right xx

  • What a beautiful poem and every word so true. Thinking of you tugs you're so strong and you will get through this. Just take it a day at a time and know we are all here for you every step of the way xxxx

  • Thinking of you today lovely.

    As for the wine and cigarettes-we've all been there. No judgement at all. I gave up smoking 8 years ago and last month after a bad experience with a scan I had wine and cigarettes. And my reasons were not as justifiable as yours are.

    Sending you lots of love. 💗💜💙❤️💛💚

    P.s I think it should be seperate units too-anatental shouldn't be combined. Our fertility clinic is right next to EPU and last week there was a teenage couple barely kids themselves havingwhat we want so much and I just felt it's all wrong... Sigh.


  • Thinking of you Tugsgirl, hope it goes as well as it can. Huge hugs on a really tough day xxx

  • There are no words so so sorry Hun xx :( my heart breaks for u xx

  • Hi Tugsgirl. I'm holding on to you too! Diane xx

  • Thinking of you xx

  • Thinking of you & hope all went ok. Sending big hugs your way xx

  • 💕💕💕 thinking of you 💕💕💕

  • Thank you everyone. I am booked in for a D and C in the morning under general anaesthetic. Of course I am very very nervous about the whole thing (I've never had a general, only local) but I'm hoping that after it's all over tomorrow I can, we can, get some closure. We have opted to have the remains back so that we can find a nice spot to bury our little babba bean in our garden xx

  • Hope your procedure goes well tomorrow. Thinking of you x

    I chose a natural miscarriage which took a couple of weeks, but it allowed me some extra time with my baby. I have her remains (I always felt I was having a girl) and when I'm ready I will lay her to rest in a beautiful planter with beautiful flowers 🌺

    Take your time to grieve for your angel baby.

    I have had good support from the hospital bereavement midwife. This was following appalling treatment in hospital following an emergency admission. For which I have written a letter of complaint.

    Take care x

  • Again, I am sorry for your loss x

  • Thank you. It's still very raw nearly 4 weeks on. Take your time to grieve. X

  • ❤️

  • Aw Tugsgirl,

    I send you thoughts of strength and love at this difficult time.

    I hope the hospital treat you kindly and give you the support you need and deserve.

    I think it's a lovely idea to have a little funeral and it does help.

    We buried our little Pooky with my Nanna, and gave him a little send off. My dh got me flowers and card from him for mothers day which was bittersweet but I believe we are still mums now.

    I promise the pain does get easier but that little life will always remain in your heart and it is my belief that these precious little lives live on somewhere special, happily and healthily until we meet again.

    Be gentle with yourselves and take the time you need to grieve. I'm sure your time will come where you will be in the other, happier part of that hospital about to have your deserving arms filled.

    Much love to you xxx

  • Thank you so much for your kind words xx

  • thinking of you today and tomorrow Tugsgirl. I hope all goes as well as can be expected. Sending love and hugs xxx

  • Huge hugs xxx

  • Thinking of you today hunny, stay strong, sleep tight wee snow baby ❤💋💋💋

  • Thinking of u xxx

  • Hope today went as well as these things can and that you are now home resting. I can only echo what the other ladies here have said, sending you huge love.

    You are strong and you will get through this xxx

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