got the call this morning 3 little ones made it through last night from yesterdays EC

so happy 3 of the four eggs made it number 4 got bit to eager and took on 2 swimmers so went abnormal.

didnt get this far last time so unsure what to expect going on transfer will either be monday or wednesday.

to say last week stimms didnt look good at all and was worried it would be cancelled. x

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  • hi kirst 12. We are in exactly the same position! EC yesterday and 4 eggs. Got the call at 9 to say 3 fertilised overnight. Sooo happy. The clinic are ringing on Mon to tell me if ET will be that day or said if they are looking good they'll leave a bit longer. Keep us posted! How was your EC? Mine was fine but feel very tender today. Best of luck. Keep fighting little embies!😊 xx

  • aww amazing. ueah said i will ne phoned monday if not monday will be wednesday. im so nervous

    i was so rough yesterday feeling bit same today to be honest and ive got 2 internal stitches as well i was told so feeling really tender.

    i think im more nervous as never been this far last cycle got one egg and nothing happened it all seems a bit surreal at momment

  • I can totally relate to that. This is our first cycle so nothing to compare to and not sure what to expect but trying to stay grounded. This morning was definitely surreal getting the phone call and keep having tearful moments. Hope you feel better soon. I staggered round Asda this morning but now resting. Hope you can put your feet up xx

  • i was like a lost puppy this morning i was awake at five and was just getting up making brew bits of tidying back down check my phone as if id missed the call. then call at ten. ive just been garden centre and back sat on couch while other half does some of the garden. x think a can feel an afternoon nap coming on.

  • Great news, good fertilisation rate.

    Hope your wee embies work hard over the weekend and develop beautifully.

    Good luck for transfer xx

  • Great news good luck with transferβ€πŸŒˆπŸ’‹

  • So pleased for you Kirst12. Hope all three keep fighting. Good luck for ET next week. X

  • Good news of luck with everything, hope all continues to go well

  • Hope the three musketeers keep fighting on x

  • Good luck wishing you lots of.l baby dust πŸ’«βœ¨πŸ’«πŸ€πŸ€ xx

  • anyone else suffer with lack of sleep all im doing is worrying what is happening to them. are they ok then i dream about it because im thinking it before i go sleep. ive been awake since half 4 now. been like this last two nights.

    then im worrying about two week wait thats before i even get to transfer day.

  • That's why they call it the crazy 2ww. Also the progesterone made me more restless.

    Try to think positive thoughts before bed. How the three musketeers are going to fight on and the good news you'll be getting etc. I felt bizarrely ok when they were at this stage. Think I got it into my mind they were with the babysitter and the pressure was off me to perform for a few days. Then I did stuff that wasn't allowed like paint the outside fences, heavy lifting etc. Lol.

    I need to get back on this positive thinking as I'm the worlds worst worrier!

  • Good news -hope transfer all goes well xxx

  • well got call this morning to get them tranfser today the decided to put 2 back in. and the third one didnt progress. so im back home feet up. still indecided about work i work as nursery nurse. ive told them i cant do any lifting just got to get sick note tmz for it. but still worrying about wether to get full one i dont no. coz ige had quiet bit of time of recently and id be short of money next month then argh to much to think about

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