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Ivf care package


My friend is starting down regging soon in preparation for being a surrogate using donor eggs. She is doing it for her friends. I admire her so much! Having done IVF and found the down- regging hard (now dreading menopause!!), I decided to put a care package together for her, with little gifts she can open as rewards after each injection in the first week.

Here's what I have so far:

Chocolate (of course!)

Fluffy bed socks to wear during ET (our clinic is cold)

A mr happy ice pack for cooling any stinging after injecting

A bottle of cooling spray in case of hot flushes (I got these last time, and night sweats too so I have ordered two bottles... one for me!)

Little Tupperware pot the right size to carry needle and buserelin in so you can inject even if out and about.

What else do people think would help? I don't want to spend a lot but need a couple more.

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That's such a lovely idea. How about a book that she can read while she's waiting for appointments. Or a good old fashioned DVD for the 2WW?

Lizzielizzielizzie in reply to Hidden

I like both those ideas, might go with a magazine for time in waiting rooms. She's already a Mum of two so I don't think she'll be doing much putting her feet up during the 2WW!!

Hidden in reply to Lizzielizzielizzie

Wow, a Mum of two already. That's amazing and such an incredible thing for her to be doing. I'm sure she'll be over the moon with your thoughtful gift. X


That's a great idea. I like the book idea from MrsB76. how about some colourful plasters to lighten the moment after the injections. like mr men or you could write on some normal ones with a sharpie well done, or a count down.

Ah how lovely of you.. Quick thinking was colouring book and pens xxx

Little reminder cards of what good thing your friend is doing for someone else to keep her going xx

Hot water bottle for when things get painful

Maybe activities for darker days when the journey gets a little rough and tough and unable to go out and about

Company during all of this is the best one. From yourself xx

What about a box of Twinings ginger and lemon tea? Not very exciting I know but apparently it's good to drink during the 2ww something to do with the ginger warming the uterus 😊 I've got some for when I'm in the 2ww xxx

What a wonderful friend she sounds & what a wonderful friend u are to do this for her. obviously she will need to reduce caffeine so how about a posh brand of peppermint tea like twinings or something to go in your care package or a small bottle of bio oil (sposed to be great for stretch marks!)

Just seen Amanda86 already thought of tea! Sorry,am a bit behind on joining in!! I'm sure what ever u do she will be so touched xxx


What a lovely idea this is x

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