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Fibroids, a polyp and a foetus

Went for our follow up appointment today, told the consultant we're pregnant and had our first scan. The foetal pole was evident and a strong heartbeat was visible. Massive relief as we were so nervous after some spotting in week 5. Due date is 5th October, which we had thought was the case. It's feeling very real now!

The consultant told us told us that the histology report had shown a polyp had been removed via d&c which could have been interfering with conception. He also said our success could be to do with my tubes being flushed, or reassurance that something was being done.

He dropped a bombshell before we left and advised that if we want a second child, to breast feed for 6 weeks and then start trying again. His rationale was that from years studying fibroids, mine are likely to grow 1mm per month after birth and hence will become a problem if we wait any amount of time. He said I may need an op to remove them or at least need to monitor them. Eek.

We were discharged to the midwives with a mixture of emotions; excitement, relief and trepidation. Life changing times ahead!

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Great news and congrats for the heartbeat and good luck for your pregnancy! I had my first post BFP scan today which revealed twins.. due date is 9th October but that might change if both of the them grow and stay; life changing times indeed! xoxo


Congratulations to you too. Wow, twins! Fingers crossed all continues to go well for you. Looks like we're due around the same time then! Xx

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Ah congratulations! Lovely news!!

Try not to worry too much about already trying for the next one! I think forewarned is forarmed tho and I think it is good that he gave u this info rather than you get told after the fact & it's too late.

Anyway focus on the joy of this pregnancy for now!! It's a gift xxxx


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