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For all those on 2ww.... how are things, hope all is well. The wife's on day 7. All seems well, plenty of resting, small walks and good thoughts. Injections are causing abit of discomfort, slight twinges now n then. No spotting as yet. Another 7 days before our official test day. It's gona be the longest week ever lol.

By the way.... if interested, there's a programme on TLC ( sky Chanel) called "Baby changes everything" . Interesting viewing !

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  • so great to here your wife is doing ok. im struggling little, i have period pains every so often which is now starting to worry me.


  • Awww Emma hang in there. I'm sure the cramps are normal, maybe call you clinic just to be sure, but from others here I've noticed it's quite a normal thing. Wife felt abit of cramping this morning tho. Besides that are you doing ok?

  • I wouldn't say it's cramps I'd say it's just a dull heavy ache at times. Hopefully it will be ok.

    Yeah apart from the occasional pains I'm doing good, part of me is wishing the 2ww goes slowly cause I'm to scared to test.

  • I'm on my last week too test date sunday!! I feel completely normal which I don't know if is good or bad although Emma I also keep getting the dull ache feeling too so it must be quite common. Im trying my best not to freak out or symptom spot. Fingers crossed all our weeks go smooth and we get our bfp!! 😊

  • Last week here too!

    Still cramping a bit too, although I was back at work today so may have noticed less as I was distracted by that.

    Did notice the difference between my 'normal' trousers and the elasticated waistbands of last week, think it is fair to say the hormones have bloated me a bit 😳

  • Sounds like things are going well Sanj, not long to go now! x

  • Much appreciated MomaBear..how's things

  • All's well thanks Sanj, still down regging at the minute, hoping to start stimms soon :)

  • Good luck with everything Sanj, glad to hear your wife is doing ok. Have everything crossed for you both xxx

  • Thanks Smithha, very much appreciated.

  • Hi

    Good luck to you and your wife. . . try and keep busy and focus on other things, so hopefully time goes a bit faster for you . .good luck !

  • Much appreciated D.

  • Hi Sanj, I'm the same as Laura3101 - feel absolutely normal with no symptoms apart from the very odd twinge but I get those anyway as I have endometriosis. So I don't feel any different at all. Had some spotting last week so not sure what to think of that, good luck for you and your wife and get a BFP :-)

  • Hey Gurty, I'm sure it's all good. Don't let it stress you out. Wife's experience abit of full cramping today. We are all guilty of over thinking but easier said than done. I continuely wish you well :)

  • Good luck fr bfp...

  • Thank you so much for your well wishes... started following your journey, how's things?

  • I m glad that you and your wife have finally been to 2ww...hw s c doing???ask her to keep bg herself with frens n families bcz that helps to kill time .....everything s going normal with me n my next scan s at 18 weeks on February 16...

  • Thank you so much fur the well wishes. Best of luck for your next scan

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