Bloating. Day 6 of stims (max dose)

Bloating. Day 6 of stims (max dose)

Is this normal? I'm not super skinny, but my tummy is usually fairly flat. 3 days of bloating, nausea, headache & loss of appetite. Waiting for hospital to call me 😩 Di- what do you think? Should I be concerned or is this normal, I haven't got a good track record with medications and usually have quite severe reactions which explains my anxiety. I have had no scans, and not due for a scan until 23/01

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  • I'm no expert and I would say if you're really worried ring your clinic or your doctor but having said that I think bloating is a common side effect; I did! And I seem to be bloating now I'm down regulating for fet too lol

  • Thanks tugsgirl, I've rang the clinic- still waiting for a call back so I assumed it can't be that urgent. I suppose I'm more anxious as they are not monitoring me. I just get one scan after 11 days of stims on short protocol. I'll see what they say, but I don't feel really unwell.x

  • I was on a short protocol too. I seemed to be having scans every two/three days but I did end up borderline OHSS. x

  • Ps I didn't feel that great after day one.. it surprised me how quickly the side effects took hold x

  • I find it odd that I have had no scans at all. Your right I did get symptoms from day 1- I cried most of the first day but that passed and then the nausea kicked in! It's like your have the symptoms of pregnancy without actually being pregnant. Hopefully they will call me soon, the other problem I have is in a 3 hour round trip to the hospital, and also the clinic haven't given me enough meds so I'm waiting in on a delivery. Not a very relaxing day!x

  • You're right, I likened myself to feeling like a big pregnant bug! I imagined being trod on and eggs squishing out of me lol!! I got very uncomfortable towards the end, and emotional! My clinic is a three hour round trip too x

  • I don't mind the drive I'm used to it. It's crazy isn't it, it's like having an insight of being pregnant especially with the tummy. What's your plan now?x

  • It sure is! I hate our drive. Doesn't matter how early we leave we always end up ground to a halt at least once on our way there which stresses me out.

    I'm currently down regulating on Buserelin; day 7 today. I have a scan to check my lining on the 31st then I'm also going to take oestrogen to boost lining and when they're happy I'll have my transfer! x

  • The very best of luck to you ☘️☘️

  • I thought the same... I weigh an extra 10 pounds. No call from the hospital so I assume it's all ok. Best of luck with your treatment ☘️

  • Hospital have called they want to scan me in the morning, get a better idea of what is happening then.x

  • Good luck KeeKee. I hope everything turns out to be OK with your scan. xx

  • Good luck with your scan hope everything is ok.


  • Hi KeeKee - I hope everything is ok with your scan today. I had bloating the whole way through... during my 2ww I looked 4 months pregnant! Hoping all is well x x x

  • Thanks Hun. They were happy with how I'm progressing as I have low AMH, just got to grow lots by Monday.xx

  • Hi keekee,

    I wouldnt worry too much as I was increasingly bloated the whole way through treatment and felt pregnant. People said they'd noticed I was showing and I looked glowing when I had my bfp but it was too early to have really been anything but injection bloat as I was massive.

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