Help with how long ivf process takes, nhs funding appt Feb 7th

Hi Im Amy and my hubby and i have received our funding appt date at Salisbury fertility clinic on Feb 7th. Im hoping someone might be able to help give me a rough estimate of how long from the appt we might have to wait for treatment? We have had a long journey to hear and Im hoping the beginning of treatment isnt too far off now. Im also looking to chat with people going through the same thing and give and gain support throughout the whole thing xxx

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  • Is the appt you have with the nurse to go through your protocol and show you how to inject etc this time round? We had a nurse appt in November, consultant appt December and Im now starting my 1st cycle so it was 3 month ish altogether but we would have done cycle in December had it not been for clinic closing over Xmas and new year, good luck and hope all gets started soon x

  • Its the nhs funding appointment, to see if west hampshire will pay for our treatment. Xx

  • Ahh I see Im from yorkshire and we didn't need a funding appt my Gp had to apply for the funding before we got referred so I think each nhs area must be different. From our side we had the 3 appts with the clinic in total but I had around 5/6 blood tests done, a smear (as mine was due anyway) my fiancΓ©e had to have 2 semen analysis done (again second only done while I was having a scan to compare to his first lot) and now good to go 😊 x

  • Ah i see thank you so much for the help. All the best for your treatment and keep in touch xx

  • I think it just depends on the place. I was referred NHS end of Aug 16, saw my consultant end of Sept 16 and started treatment Beginning of Nov. All was over and done with by 19th Nov and pregnancy test on 30th Nov.

    If you look at the hefa website it has got the wait time for each clinic.

    Good luck!! Xx

  • Thanks for this reply. So useful to know the rough timescale.

  • Thanks for the advice i popped on the hefa site but couldnt see how to dind specific clinic wait times, do you remember how you located the info? Xx

  • I actually typed in my clinic in google then the hfea site came up and on the right side of the page it tells me the wait time for my clinic xx

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