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How long the answer to nhs ivf funding takes?

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Hello ladies and gens

So after surgery etc I’m finally getting the first appointment to prep the request for funding.

So far in my area NHS just offers one cycle. My questions is how long does it take to know if it is free or not?

According to fertility fairness Croydon no longer offers IVF. So I’m afraid that there won’t be any funding, even though I’ve been waiting since last year.

I do have the option to move address but I’m not sure how long the whole process to get an appointment etc is going to take. And I’m turning 35yo this week. The docs have told me that I won’t be able to conceive without IVF, so it seems that I don’t have much options.

Another question is how do we get to know the criteria for each area/postcode? In terms of age, if q known condition will help me qualify, etc?

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In my area the NHS funding was based on AMH levels it has to be below 5.4.

I wasn’t accepted due to low AMH levels. Even if my AMH was to increase now they still wouldn’t accept me...

I sent a letter to my CCG but it was ignored unfortunately.

I found out fairly quickly after being referred by my fertility doctor at the hospital I think it was 2wks or less but this was before COVID-19 came into existence...

some areas offer more than one cycle on NHS , I have a mutual friend who had two cycles funded she got pregnant with 2nd cycle.

What did you mean by change address?

Hope this helps good luck 🤞🏽

Ohh very useful reply, thank you. Fingers crossed that my new AMH after surgery isn’t too low.

Well, If I move house that I’d be in an area that funds IVF.

Hi, each CCG has their own policy with regards to their Criteria for IVF funding, these can usually be accessed via the ccg website otherwise I would ask your GP or contact the ccg directly. The waiting list for the nhs varies between areas but I’ve seen quite a lot of people posting/ commenting that their wait is now even longer due to covid. If you move address, there is generally also a requirement to live in the area for a certain period of time before you are entitled to request for funding. Hope this helps and good luck 😊

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happyseal in reply to Poppy_2018

Thank you...very helpful. I guess we’ll be waiting for a while.

Hi there,

Me and my partner live in Croydon too and since March 2020 Croydon has funded one IVF cycle.

Our fertility specialist referred us to IVF on 25th of September 2020 (unexplained infertility - we've been ttc for more than 4 years and not a single BFP since then). At the end of November we received a call to book an appointment for IVF funding application (appointment with a nurse, filling out two application forms, check if we are smokers, height and weigh measuring). On 8th of January I called the fertility clinic for asking few questions and in the meantime they told me we have been approved for funding and we can book a chat appointment with IVF specialist. The procedure take place the following month after the chat with the IVF specialist.

I could book an appointment with the IVF specialist for the same week, but I wanted to have some immunological tests before the procedure so that is why I have not book it yet.

What they told me is that once you have been approved for funding, the IVF procedure must take place not later than 6 months from the approval date (they told me this because I did not book the appointment straight away).

The criteria as far as I remember - more than 3years ttc, BMI between 19-28, both of us to be not smokers, I am not sure about the age - I am turning 34 in May, but I am quite sure 35 is fine. The nurse asked us if we have any other children from previous marriages which we don't, but I guess this matters as well.

Bottom line - we have been referred to IVF at the end of September and in February we could start the procedure.

I hope this will be helpful for you. Good luck!

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happyseal in reply to Medes

Thank you for the detailed answer. So we have the appointment with the nurse booked. I do need to lose some weight before then, tho.

Good luck for you 🤞🤞🤞

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Medes in reply to happyseal

Great! I am happy you found the answer to your question!

By the way, the BMI is really important. Mine was 18. At first the nurse told me that I have to gain more weigh and to come again in 4 weeks. But then I noticed the high she measured was 5cm more. So we did the measurements again and my BMI was calculated to 18.50. She corrected my weight a bit and finally my BMI become 19 :) I deffinitely do not look underweight and I ovulate every month. It would be very unpleasant if we had to postpone the procedure for a such nonesense. Thankfuly, the nurse was not a "robot" :)

The other thing is the test for smokers. They do the test by a spirometry. Both of us are not smokers but it was interesting to me that they do the check up this way, not just by the standard question "Do you smoke", which is good of course!

P.S. The nurse did not ask for my AMH results.

Good luck!

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happyseal in reply to Medes

Interesting... On the phone they told me if the BMI isn't within the acceptable values I'll have to come again at a later date. I'm trying my best to fit in hehe. I didn't know they do a smoking test. I haven't smoked in years...should be fine I guess hehe.

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happyseal in reply to Medes

Heya...have you started your IVF? All th luck in the world for you

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Medes in reply to happyseal

Thank you for your wishes! We have not started yet because we wanted to do some additional tests abroad before proceeding with the IVF in order to increase our chances.

The diagnosis "unexplained infertility" tells us that there is a problem but it cannot be found. The IVF funding expiration date is end of June so we have to book a consultation with a nurse no later than end of May. Hopefully we will have answers until then.

Wishing you lots of luck!

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happyseal in reply to Medes

Indeed unexplained doesn't make things clear. All the best luck with it, tho. I guess you're waiting for the opportunity to travel abroad for the testing. Fingers crossed that the borders will be open soon.

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