7 week update

Had my first GP appointment yesterday. So far so good. I was expecting due to my age and weight I'd be put in a high risk group from the get go but doc said no need at this stage and that BP was all fine which is encouraging. Next stop for us is an 8 week scan that we are paying for at our clinic next week. Then depending on how we feel we might ask for a 10 week one too ahead of our NHS 12 week one. Just keeping our fingers crossed our little Frostie continues to cling on. Hope everyone doing ok and festive baby dust to all xx

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  • Great news sipidania! I'm delighted for you all is good. Yes I would totally understand you wanting a scan every week just to keep an eye on the little bean! I know I would! All the best for a healthy ongoing pregnancy! Xx

  • Thanks LondonRC, and best of luck to you too. When's your test date?

  • It's 25th!, but clinic open either 24th or 27th so may wait til after as maybe not knowing is easier!? Ok this week as have a few days off, I'm sure I'll start to get more anxious next week! All the best to you. X

  • That's great news! Fingers crossed for you xx

  • This is all really positive for you guys! Great to hear that its all going fine!xx

  • It's so nice to get some positive news.hope the little frostie hangs on.xx

  • All sounding very positive! Great news for Christmas x

  • All sounds positive.... keeping fingers crossed for you and wishing you a beautiful journey ahead

  • Hi sipidania. Well done! You should be booked to meet your midwife too, hopefully, who will keep a close eye on you and your little one. Thinking of you, and all the best with the rest of your pregnancy and birth. Diane

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