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good follicles

Just got back from my doctors visit.The doctor is happy with my 6 follicles on each side.He says the small ones are still growing and I should have more by next week.I start the cetrotide injections tomorrow.I did some blood work and will know later today if the oestrogen level is ok .I am on my period so the the scan was abit uncomfy.But my doc assured me he's done alot of these scans and a lil menstrual blood is nothing to be embarassed about.haha. I am going back to see the doctor next monday to do more checks .So for now I am just relaxing and embracing the process.

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Hi Lawmom. Hopefully your oestrogen levels will be fine to enable the Cetrotide to do its job. Good luck with the rest of the cycle – all seems OK at the moment. Diane


Doc not happy with my oestrogen level so he increased my dose of the fostimon.but he says I'm responding well.come Monday I do more blood tests to see if it's now ok.im hoping all will be ok and good yo go.Thanks Diane.


Hi lawmom. Fingers crossed for Monday. Diane

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