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4 Out of 7

Hi all,

So we got the final call today (day 6) to say 4 out of 7 embies had made it to blastocyst stage. One was at 3AA grade and the other 3 wer good enough at B or B+ stage. Overall I think this is positive news, and fur awhile, until the wife gets her pylop removed, they will be frozen. We asked to n reference to the "thawing process" and what the chances of survival. Apparently the success rate is quite high at 95% of survival, which was good to know.

It's certainly been a long journey ( not over yet by a long way), but we are hopeful it will work out. At the same time, we're staying firmly on the ground.

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Really glad you have some to freeze. Great news! Sadly for me of my ten embryos only one made it to average quality blastocyst and two poor quality so I won't have any to freeze. :( they've put two of the blasts back today but no back up. Hope the polyp removal goes ok x

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Hi Sanj,

4 blasts is great number!

Wishing you a BFP when the time comes.


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That's great news Sanj76, brilliant result to get!x

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