EC hurdle complete!

So i had my EC today - pretty much been asleep since getting back in. Apparently a whiff of sedative and im out like a light!

Out of the 16 follicles they got 10 eggs! Some follicles were too high to reach - my endo has screwed with my left ovary and it sits higher than my right despite 2 laps...

heres hoping that they are all mature and fertlise! I cant help imagining the sperm singing to my eggs "hello... is it me you're looking for?" Xx

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  • Good luck Hun. I had mine today too xx

  • Ha just saw you replied to my post. You did amazing too!!!!

    You getting a call tomorrow xxx

  • Yeah... ill be on tenterhooks until i get the call! X

  • Me too! Glad EC was ok for you. I hated it, so uncomfortable. I was grabbing the poor guys hand so hard who did the meds!!!

    As you said just want one amazing embryo xxx

  • Good luck!

  • Great news and I love the Lionel Ritchie imagery. Might borrow that. X

  • Fab news, when is your teansfer? Xx

  • Not sure yet if i dont get a call tomorrow then things are progressing ok and i have to ring monday morn and they will tell me either to come in that day or wait until Wednesday xx

  • Wishing you all the best and let's hope the sperm has finally found its ideal

    Partner :)

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