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Ivf drugs

So my period has started today wasn't due till 10th I have my teach appointment tomorrow and I have all the drugs ready but will me coming on early mean I won't be able to start this month x

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Hi Hun you never know.

Clinics only count day one of period comes by a certain time of the day. Like my period came last Saturday after 4/5 but wasn't a full flow so they counted day one as Sunday. I then rang Monday morning and they saw me that day (cycle day 2) and I started that evening.

If you phone tomorrow and tell them you may be scanned tomorrow while you are in and start tomorrow or Tuesday x


So mines started in the last hour does that mean tomorrow is day 1? And should I still ring them in the morning even though I'm there for teach app at 3 o'clock ?

Is bruselin better to take at night? Sorry for all the questions my heads all over now I'm never normally early x


Every clinic looks at it differently. They asked me when there was a full flow ana I said more late Saturday so they counted Sunday as day one for me.

Yes I would phone them first thing Monday even though you have that app as I wouldn't be surprised if they count you similiar so day 2 Monday - scan and then drugs that evening. They may want you in in the morning as they may do scans only in the morning.

I don't know that one. I use gonal f?

Are you on short protocol or long x


I'm on co-flare protocol and yeah I will ring them in the morning x


Sorry not sure what that is but yes definitely ring them first thing and try not panic x


It's apparently a short the consultant said I will probably have ec on day 12

So will I need a scan before starting drugs x


Yea I'm on short. So yea I was scanned on Monday last week which was my day 2 and I started my injection that evening x


It's all getting very real now I'm nervous and excited at the same time x

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I was exactly the same. I'm on like day 7 of treatment. Started cetrotide Friday as well to stop ovulation.

Have another scan tomorrow to see how much more things have grown.

I had one at 14 on Friday!!!!

You'll be fine. Keep calm and take each day as it comes.

Positive outcome is what we all want and I pray we have it xxx


How many folicles do you have? My amh is low so I'm really scared they won't get any eggs but I know I need to stay calm.

Have u had many side effects? X


I had 7 definite on first scan. TBH I don't think she said Friday and I didn't ask but I know they are growing. I defo had one at 14 and one at 11 plus others. Maybe still around the same?

I have low amh too Hun for my age. 5.5 and I'm 33. What was yours?

Originally in thisfor husbands morphology but my amh came up when got to clinic which was a blow but am remaining positive.

I see it as nothing I can do. I take what I am supposed to take when I'm told and let it do it's job and go from there.

Mainly bloating, headaches and some nausea xxx


Mine was 4.70 when i had it done by reacurring miscarriage clinic then had it done a week later at Ivf clinic and it was 8.0.

Iv just turned 37 last week so finding out mine was low was a blow but like u said all we can do is take what we r meant to and hope for the best x


It is interesting that it changes but yes we have to take what we are dealt and then do what we can with it.

You are on a good path, a positive path.

All we hope that at the end is a baby!

Don't get me wrong I have ups and downs. Yesterday I was dreading and getting sick of injections. This morning I did one and was like 'I'm ok again'.

I'm Back to work tomorrow and whilst it's always mad and crazy it will keep my kind off things.

Positive, mental attitude! X


I did have a vitamin d deficiency when I had the first amh done and I had treatment a few days before the second test and iv read that can effect amh but consultant said the 2-10 bracket is still the same anyway.

My other concern is when I had the follicle count scan I only had 4 possibly 5 folicles.

But fingers crossed we get our babies at the end of all this.

Do the jabs hurt? X


I know what you mean. I hope to have a good few good ones and good eggs. I have to remember I only need one good one but the more that are the better.

Gonal F not really but I hate the cetrotide. Except I put a mini ice pack on me for a bit this morning and then did it and it was much easier to do and didn't feel it so I do recommend that.

Plus after the gonal f on the evening I have shot water bottle on me as read it helps the stuff move around better?

I'll give anything a try!

I also do acupunture xxx


Iv read a lot about the hot water bottle I think I'm going to try that.

I have gonal f I think I use burselin first then the gonal f I have 2 lots of the hcg trigger which confused me x


Ah that is confusing! Just have a list of questions for your app tomorrow and it'll al be clarified.

Clinics are good though. Mini gave me a calendar with what I have to take but I only take the next thing when they actually tell me. For example on my calendar it said take cetrotide Yesterday but due to my scan Friday, I was sent home to start then. So it is all dependant on what your body is doing!

I also had a lesson with the nurse but I also watched videos as well just to clarify it all. You do get used to it and remember it's not forever and it's for an amazing thing xxx


I think their poor heads are going to be spinning tomorrow with all the question I will have for them lol

Is this your first cycle? X


Don't worry they are used to it and you aren't so you have to ask!

Yep first cycle and I pray and hope the last NHS funded.

You x


It's my first cycle and we are self funding as we both have kids from previous relationships.

It's very expensive we did look around and found a clinic in Sheffield that was very cheap but success rates were not so good when we was comparing so we chose to go with Manchester fertility and their rates are greats just hope it works x

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Hope you get your positive outcome Hun. Just keep remaining positive!

Good luck tomorrow as well x


Thank you and you as well x


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