'First timer'Transfer day!!🐣🐣

For any of you first timer's like me I can tell you ET is much like a smear test but lasts a little longer. You have ultrasound on your belly so you get to watch everything happening, which is good! DH came too and they let him take pics of the eggs under microscope. We had 2 eggs put in as that is all that survived, and they said as I've not had blinding results all way, it's my best chance. This worries me somewhat as I am quite small and worry that if they both hang on, my body won't cope and they might not be healthy babies. We have to stay positive though and what will be will be, and take it all as it comes. Good luck to all you ivf buddies! πŸ€πŸ€πŸ£πŸ£

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  • Welcome to the 2ww - I had transfer yesterday 😊. My understanding is that quality of embryos at this stage has nothing to do with how healthy your baby will be - just better looking embryos have a higher success of turning into a pregnancy. They will usually transfer at 2/3 days if you only have a couple as they only leave longer if you have lots and they need more time to choose the best! Doesn't mean yours won't do the job! Stay positive and best wishes xxx

  • Thanks for your encouragement, it's great to be able to hear from others on here. Good luck with yours too πŸ€x

  • Your story sounds the same as mine only 2 survived and had them both put in, they were borderline 4 cells when they called me that morning but then 7 cells by the time came for them to put them in 3 hours later. I'm also quite small . Hope we both get our happy ending. I had mine transferred Sunday just gone x good luck x

  • Hello cycle buddy!!! We will have to follow each others journey as we are so similar! Not sure I will carry twins well, but have to stay positive and pray they are both healthy if they hang on. Wish you all the luck in the world, hopefully we will both get good news xx

  • πŸ€ πŸ€ πŸ€

  • Look after yourself and good luck with the 2ww! X

  • It's amazing what your body can do so don't panic about having 2 a friend of mine had twins with IVF she's a tiny 4"10! Good luck and keep positive xx

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