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Third time lucky hopefully!


Hi All.

Well I've not been on here since our failed frozen cycle last December following on from a failed fresh cycle in the summer.

I was absolutely devastated when we got yet another BFN and couldn't understand what I was doing wrong. I was then diagnosed with MTHFR after some rather expensive blood tests!

But I began to believe things happen for a reason and I've had a brilliant year doing things with my family and managing to achieve my dream of running both the London Marathon and The Great North Run.

We're lucky to get 2 funded tries and we started our 2nd fresh cycle last week. I feel so much more positive this time around and my body's responded much quicker to the injections. For the MTHFR i've been taking high dose folic acid and B12 supplements which I really hope have helped! EC is now Monday with transfer hopefully a week today, next Saturday.

Nerves are setting in but i'm trying to forget the last two tries and focus on this.

I just want to wish you all good luck and lots of baby dust. We will all get there eventually. xxx

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Well done and fingers crossed you!

That great u stay so positive Hun . I had over year ago IVF and didn't work . We was sad and devastates. But we give us self time to recover preparing to find out more about IVF what we can do and not to do to help ourselves for next round ☺️ We decide to change the clinic and I believe I know that was best thing we done . Before we start sec cycle in July we treat us self for dream holiday in April going to NYC time ever . Back home we went to all day spa just before we start cycle .. we was so happy and positive this time ...I even said the same thing what u ...things happen for a reason . On my EC they collect 6 eggs went down to 4 then 3 . On ET the head of embryologist told us we got nice looking two 5day blastocysts . We ask for one and one to freeeze. I'm 5weeks and 6day preagnant 🙏🍀🍀😃 my first scan 7weeks is the Friday stressful time to wait to see my little one knowing that everything is fine and is growing my baby 👶 Hun stay positive and fingers crossed for you 🍀🍀

That's fantastic news🙂🙂 I'm sure everything will be great at your scan. Shows a bit of positivity works! Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy 👶🍀

Thank u Hun I wish u too BFP 🍀🍀xx

I wish you all the luck in the world xxx

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