One or Two

Hello ladies.

I have just began my frozen cycle after my first cycle ended in a miscarriage. My consultant asked whether I wanted 1 or 2 embryos put back as I have 7 frozen. The consultant has suggested that I put 1 back as I am 33 and still young.

At first I was sure of putting one embryo back due to the risks involved. However I am having second thoughts.

I just need some opinions.

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  • Difficult isn't it

    I know consultants ideally want one not two

    Twin pregnancies carry more risks etc etc


    I think , if it works, would I really go through it all again

    You do have time which is nice

    I'd go with the consultants advice😍you've trusted them this far x

  • First couple of rounds we were strictly one in our heads, after having miscarriages and more unsuccessful rounds, if we'd had the chance we would have gone for two...

  • We had the choice and went for two. We knew the risks but decided to go for it as it was our last NHS funded cycle. We got a BFP but only one baby. I didn't have any bleeding or anything and we were told by the doctor this is normal and the embryo that didn't stick will have just been re-absorbed into the body. It is a hard decision to make. Good luck with whatever you decide xx

  • thats a tricky one and i have the same dilemma.

    my mind is heading for 2 but, like you, its good to hear opinions.

    Good luck xxx

  • Thank you all for your thoughts and opinions. This is my last NHS funded cycle and that is what makes the decision more difficult.

  • Do you only get one fresh and one frozen cycle?

  • Hollibob yeah. I have one fresh and 1 frozen.

  • Oh that's annoying!!

    I think you need to do what your heart tells you, otherwise you'll always think what if and this journey messes with our minds enough!!

  • am 35 I had 1 put back it didn't work then had 2 back with a fet and got my BFP but sadly miscarried last moth but its a no brainer for me am defo havin 2 back again my next fet as still have 7 day 5s frozen.. good luck with everythin babez..the nxt cycle will also be our last NHS funded cycle I got 1 fresh and 2 frozen x x

  • Hi Sunny_skies. This is always such a difficult decision for you both to make, and I would always recommend that you listen to your specialist's advice too. I really do wish you all the best - and for success with whatever you do decide. However, i thought you might like to read through our factsheet before making your mind up. Diane

  • Hi, sunny skies! This question is so individual!!

    I guess the last word is always after RE. Some ladies insert just 2 to boost their chances. But here it is important to be sure if multiple pregnancies aren't forbidden in a particular case. I know a girl who put in 2, but miscarried in 8 weeks because her body wasn't healthy enough to support 2 peas at the same time. Doc then told her if it were 1 embryo it would definitely stay alive..:(

    We passed de ivf in Ukrainian clinic and they strongly recommended to put in 2 embies each time. Our 3rd att was a success. Unfortunately one embie vanished but another one turned into a sweet boy 9 months later :) !!

    I agree this is a hard decision to make. But this is definitely not the one we make due to our feelings and expectations. A specialist's verdict must be given first!

    Wish you baby dust XX

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