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Hi everyone, had my ec today but unfortunately dh couldn't do his bit (too much pressure) so my eggs had to be frozen, we are nhs funded and this is our only go. DH is going to try to do his bit. Has anyone been in this position before and does anyone know how long it will be to start treatment again and if this is d end of our funding? Pls help I am trying so hard to keep calm. TIA

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  • Hi, it's definitely not the end of your treatment. You could ask your clinic if your hubby can freeze a sample- therefore it's there as a back up if he can't perform on the day you need it. Our situation was different- hubby Had a sample frozen and did a fresh sample on the day, as he has a low count. I'd ask the clinic how long you will have to wait hun x

  • I'm sure you won't need to wait long. You're technically still doing this part of the cycle. How do you know this is your only nhs go? I think that in itself puts so much pressure on things.

  • Thanks darl, I was told it is my only go.

  • Hi Hopeful, have you called your clinic and asked them for more info on this? It seems so unfair but I don't envy DH having to do that on demand like that. The pressure they must feel! Hopefully you won't be waiting too long, as your cycle hasn't been complete this can't count as your go. Hopefully you have more info now about what happens next and you'll be feeling much better today. How did your egg collection go? x x x

  • Hi mommabear, thanx 4 ur comforting reply, called d clinic 2day and they booked a follow on appointment for me next month so hopefully I get a clearer picture. My egg collection went okay, it's just this delays things now and from what the nurse said, can't start again till November.

  • Aw Hopeful, I'm sure you're a bit disappointed with that but I'm glad you're getting a follow up appointment soon to give you more info. November will soon be here - not sure where this year's gone! - and you'll be under way again. The good news is your body won't be as stressed after the EC/all the hormones from stimming so I think your chances will be even better. Fingers crossed my love. Let us know how you get on with your review. Hope you're ok x

  • Thanks darl xx

  • Hi Hopeful16. Remember too that your eggs should be stored nice and safe with the new methods of freezing - called vitrification. I'm hearing more and more positive "thawing" stories too. Hope you soon get the go ahead soon and that fertilsation goes well. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Amen thanks Diane xx

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