12 week scan ❤️

12 week scan ❤️

Hi ladies, just an update.....today I had my 12 week scan after getting a BFP from my FET. My little Frostie is growing well and everything is all ok. They actually dated me a little bit further along than the IVF clinic, I am 13+2 today. The sonogropher wasn't very nice and barely showed us the screen to see the baby as they were short staffed and I think she just wanted to rush, but just thankful everything is ok.

For all you ladies going through your IVF journeys now hang on in there it is so worth it!! Baby dust to you all 💖

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  • Congrats I just love seeing these pics. Funny thing is when I was a nurse I could never read pelvic u/s (didn't have tvs then) but I've learnt looking at all the pics on here 😁. Here's hoping everything goes smoothly xxx

  • Lovely pic, congratulations! Xx

  • Congratulations! Great picture! Shame you didn't get time to enjoy it, think the staff see it everyday & forget how amazing it is and important! So nice to see these pics, definitely gives me hope anyway!!x

  • Congratulations, that's lovely! X

  • Huge congratulations... Lovely to see. Hope we all get to post one of these one day. Take care x x x

  • Massive congrats. Best wishes. Xx

  • So good to hear positive news. I'm on the 2WW with my frostie. x

  • Good luck with the 2WW, I know how easy it is to drive yourself insane, just try & keep yourself busy and hopefully it will go quick for you!

    I've got my fingers crossed for you! Xx

  • Fingers xed for you. Best of luck 🍀. Hopefully soon you'llbe the one posting your 12week scan😉

  • Aww congratulations, lovely pic xxx

  • Congratulations. Beautiful pic x

  • Beautiful scan pic and blissful news 😍

    Your message will motivate my own journey to natural FET which is happening very soon (tracking ovulation stage).

    Enjoy your pregnancy and be very happy. Surely you will appreciate every moment of it, I know I would😉.

  • What a lovely pic 😄😄😄

    Congratulations xxx

  • So pleased for you. Fantastic to hear such good news, take extra special care of yourself x

  • Congratulation Hun xx

  • Hi AmyLeighxx. Looking like a proper little person now - how wonderful is that? Sorry your sonographer wasn't so interested, but who cares - all is well. Next stop 20/40wks scan, then you get to know what sex he/she is - if you want to. So pleased for you. Diane

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