Reki or reflexology

Hello lovely ladies ok so my head was set that when treatment starts on Thurs I was going to be doing reflexology along side my treatment!! Now after speaking to the guy who would be doing my reflexology he has said he would maybe be happier if I done reki instead πŸ˜• anyone else had any of these treatments along side ivf?? And which one did u have I'm in two minds now abt what to do 😰

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  • Hi sam84 I had reflexology but my lady always does bit of reiki at the end. It's really relaxing and I've really enjoyed it especially as she comes to my home too so less stress for me x

  • The guy who ill be getting comes to me two maybe o should have a bit of both I've read mixed reviews abt both and im unsure what to do x

  • I know what you mean hun. My consultant recommended it more for relaxation and I have to say she's put me asleep a few times lol I don't know if it works but I believe it does and I guess a positive mental attitude for us is half our battle xx

  • Hi I have both too. Definately a great way to rid your body of negative energies and increase positivity and wellbeing through your body. Hopefully it will set you up for success - good luck xx

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