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Any advice plzzz re: follow up miscarriage, DNC, next attempt??

Hi everyone,

I hope you are doing well....

I've not been on here for a little while as our pregnancy sadly did not develop properly and I was told in June to expect a miscarriage. I recently had a miscarriage which occurred naturally however I am still testing pregnant. My GP says I will need to be booked in for a DNC as obviously there is still some tissue remaining.

Now I am due to go on our much needed holiday on 1st August and will try and book this DNC before I go. Does anyone have any ideas as to whether I will experience another bleed after the DNC and when my next period is likely to be?

We have one frozen embie, sadly only a grade 4bc however we are going to give this a go and want to do a natural transfer in October, is my body going to be ready??

Best wishes,

Tara x

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Hi Tara. I'm so sorry to hear you are going through this. I remember it only to well and it's just heartbreaking. I had a DNC, or as they now call it SMM following a missed miscarriage. I didn't naturally bleed prior to this so it's a little different, but I only had minimal bleeding following the SSM. It was like a period when I woke up, but was pretty much over by the next day. My next period came 5 weeks later. I have found my cycles settled down pretty quickly, although sometimes a day or two either way from the norm. We had ours back in March and are looking at a cycle next month so as long as you feel ready emotionally there shouldn't be a problem with a Oct cycle, although I would be lead by your consultant on this. Have a good holiday and thinking of you both. X

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Hi Tara, sorry to hear your news, missed miscarriages are so hard to deal with when you think everythings going ok, your suddenly told its not. I had one at same stage as you and opted for d&c. I bled a little after the procedure but nothing really after 24hrs. Because everything is removed your hcg level pretty much drops to 0 within a day or too, so ovaluation will then happen. I had my next af pretty much to the day it was due, late by 2 days from what I remember. Thinking of you, and hope you manage to enjoy your hol xxx

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Hi Tara2016. So sorry to hear that this is lingering on for you. i would definitely see if you can get the D & C orgainised soon, so that your womb will be nice and healthy for when you have your other FET. Hopefully not much of a bleed afterwards, but can last for a few days. you will probably be advised to have a period before deciding when to try again. Ask whether you need any antibiotic cover too - just in case. Enjoy your holiday and come back nicely refreshed. Diane

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