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Pregnancy related questions....Scans, dates etc ... Any advice please? 💕😕 xx

I know there has been some really sad news for lots of girls recently on here and I am thinking of you all 💕 i really hope i dont offend anyone by asking pregnancy related questions xxxx There doesn't seem to be much advice on the internet for post IVF pregnancies so if anyone could help I'd really appreciate it xxx

Questions below:

1. I think I'm currently 6 weeks pregnant (after ICSI) based on my own calculations. Had a positive beta test from bloods on 23rd June (at 4.5 weeks) and HCG levels were 270 then and have dated it from my collection on 6th June and added 2 weeks prior...is this correct?

2. Can anyone tell me please whether women pregnant via IVF/ICSI get treated as "high risk" and have consultant led care or whether it is treated as normal or is this dependent on the area we live in?

3. Does anyone know when we have our scans and checks etc or does this differ from area to area? My clinic have booked a scan on 11th July which is actually late (as we couldn't make their first choice of date a week earlier.... it was meant to be 6wks but will be 7weeks 1 day if I'm right with dates) and I think they're supposed to do a scan at 8 weeks too... not sure if this then gets put back a week as my 6wk scan was...

4. Also really don't know when I need to contact my GP... I know my clinic refer me if the scan(s) are ok... but should I wait or should I be proactive?

5. Final question... sorry! Is there any recommended reading for pregnancy or IVF related pregnancy or re:nutrition and diet in pregnancy?

Thanks to anyone who has read this far and who can help me with any of these answers. Love to all and lots of baby dust xxx 💕💕💕🍀🍀🍀

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Its only natural to have questions :-)

Try this website for your due date:


They normally say you are 2 weeks at egg collection.

Unless you've had health issues/previous miscarriages, you'll be treated as a normal pregnancy once discharged from the clinic which is normally after 1 or 2 scans.

I'd get the ball rolling with your GP ASAP as you'll want the midwife appointments to be in the diary so that you can plan ahead?

Zita west has a nice pregnancy book which goes through various information and someone recommended what to expect when you are expecting.



Thanks Hollibob that's a big help xx


Hi hon, just to say as I know you're near me- with my first I only had one scan with Newcastle, at 7 weeks then discharged. Next scan was normal 12 week one. At my midwife apt about 9 weeks she did say I'd be consultant-led and as a result would get an extra scan or two at e.g maybe 28/32 weeks. Can't remember exactly but I know she said there would be another after the 20 week, when that would normally be the last one. Might be slightly different in places but wanted to share my experience. Hope you're keeping well and enjoying xx


Thanks lovely xx


Hi! first of all massive congratulations on your BFP! lovely news!!

Re your questions..

I had to do my home test on the 18th June, and this was positive. I then emailed my clinic and waited...

A week later i called my own doc surgery and I made an appointment to go in, I also requested a blood test (just to be doubly sure). The doc also told me my expected due date - which is 17th Feb (i am just over 7wks)

I then received an appointment for my first scan (last one with the ACS clinic) this is not till the 13th July, when i will be 8.5wks

I have not experienced any symptoms apart from a wee bit of nausea, sore boobs, and proper tiredness (ive been getting reaaly tired about lunchtime and mid afternoon) - no sickness at all

I dont know of any books, but would love some recommendations if you anyone finds something decent.

I am so nervous that our wee emby wont stick around - i am 41, and mc increases to around 40% at my age. So we've told no one!

hope this helps xx


Thanks for the info hun xx


Hi Hun , congratulations. I am currently 9 weeks pregnant with first IVF attempt. They date your pregnancy from the first day of your last period. I actually thought it was from date of egg collection . My first scan they dated me at 7.5 weeks ( which was dated from last period) but I was still going by fate of egg col - so I wasn't expecting to see heartbeat or anything as by my calculations I was only 5 weeks )

They told me to let my dr know and discharged me from the hospital .

I did make an app at dr and they said I can self referr to the antenatal clinic ( which ironically will be at the same Hosp I had IVF )

I actually work in a dr surgery and they don't normally see pregnant lady's till there 8 wks pregnant . And then ref you to Hosp

For your first scan at 12 weeks .

I've self referred now , and called them and they said that because it was IVF pregnancy I might be seen before the 12 weeks .

I would imagine if it was a twin pregnancy your kept a close eye on, but if the IVF clinic discharge you it's like a normal pregnancy , so :

12 wk scan

20 wk scan

22 week check

28 wk check

32 wk scan

38 week check/ scan

This is just information that we tell patients at work . ( it may differ slightly )

I too am going to look for some books , I may go to the library .

Good luck with your pregnancy , take care xxx


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