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For all those who have lost a little one

just recently a few of our lovely group have lost their precious little ones. I'd like to share this lovely poem I found last year.

"The world may never notice if a snowdrop fails to bloom,

Or even pause to wonder if it's petals fall too soon,

But every life that's created,

Or ever comes to be,

Touches the world in some small way,

For all eternity"

(Can't remember the author)

Angel dust to you all xxxx

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Lovely ❤️


Lovely! This poem made me think of a beautiful piece of music that is entitled Eternity. It's uplifting, touching and beautiful all at the same time. So anyone is interested I found a good recording on you tube:


Struck a chord with me - I planted snowdrops to commemorate one of my losses as they should have bloomed around the time of the due date. Unfortunately this year they didn't flower! But they'll never be forgotten. x


Really touching and so very true. X


Thanks for your likes. This was on the card I gave to my boss after she lost our little one


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