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Test saying I'm only 1-2weeks. Is it over for me now?

Hi everyone, my OTD was a week ago and the clinic asked me to test again a week later to see if still positive because of the bleeding I have been experiencing. So I tested this morning using a digital and it says I'm only 1-2 weeks pregnant whereas the clinic have stated I would be 5 weeks pregnant this week. I know the test underestimates and it says that according to doctors I would be 3-4 weeks pregnant but that is still less than I should be. Does this mean hcg levels are dropping and that I am to expect a miscarriage. It is kind of what I have expected anyway with the spotting and lack of symptoms but just want to know if anyone else has had a similar experience. My 6 week scan is next week Tuesday x

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I also tested again today mine also said 1-2 weeks and thought the same as you, from what others have said tho this is quite normal and as long as the hcg is rising that's what counts X


Don't loose hope! I had heavy bleeding throughout my pregnancy starting week 6. The lovely baby is still there. I have been told initially that it will be implantation bleeding, even if it seems heavy, than they discovered a subcorionic hematoma which produces heavy bleeding. Don't expect the worst until your are told is over!


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