Just had my EC!

Hi everyone, I've just had my EC.  Out of 18 follicles they collected 9 eggs so we will know tomorrow how many have fertilised so hoping and praying that are good ones.  As for the procedure itself I asked the anaesitist to make sure I was well and truly drugged lol.  I slept through the whole thing which was good.  The pain afterwards however was tough and struggled to walk for a bit.  However nothing that codeine didn't sort out! So for those who have their EC this week, I wish you all the best xx

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  • Good Luck Tara! x 

  • Hi Tara glad it went well fingers crossed for an excellent fertilisation rate

    I'm in on Wednesday so will take your advice and ask to be well asleep!!

    Holly x

  • That's a great result so hopefully you have lots of lovely embryos to choose from soon! My EC was today too. I'm not in too much pain this afternoon - paracetamol seems to be doing the trick. Good luck X

  • Hi Tar2016.  Glad it went well for you.  Now time to have a bit of a rest.  Fingers crossed for fertilisation and embryo transfer.  Keep drinking!  Diane

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