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Choosing not to test at 2 weeks?


I've only just starting taking Synarel for our first attempt so I'm not there yet however I wondered if there are any ladies out there who choose purposefully not to do a pregnancy test 2 weeks after IVF? I'm wondering whether to just wait and see if my period turns up rather than pack in loads of stress and anticipation into 2 weeks. 

Am I nuts or has anyone else done this?!?!? :-)

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Hello :) Good Luck! Really hoping this works! 🙏🏼 My first IVF resulted in a chemical preg which has us very excited through the 2 ww as of course we were getting two lines!! (Implantation started then the embryo arrested). 

The second cycle (FET) however never worked at all and the negative test helped prepare me for the bad news. 

If you can I wouldn't test. Just make sure on the day of your result you are with your partner, no work no stress... Hopefully it'll be a day of celebration! Lots of love xxx

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Thank you for your kind words and I'm so sorry that things haven't worked out for you - yet! x I've always thought that the term chemical pregnancy is rather odd, I'm sure it was very difficult for you both. Best of luck for you moving forward :-) 

I'm not actually sure when I would expect a normal period if implantation isn't successful and our clinic can't say either but I working on the basis that if it was a non-IVF pregnancy I certainly wouldn't be telling people that I'm 2 weeks pregnant and if I test at 2 weeks I might not be able to keep it a secret without looking like I'm telling fibs!!!! xx

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Hey, I bled a few days after the tests, it took no time at all - insult to injury hey?

I know chemical it's just horrid. We are ok I just can't help feeling so guilty my body won't let our baby stay put! 😕

You're likely to get an ultrasound (external!) at 7 weeks I think, that would be my threshold for telling anyone. Remember if it's positive you're classed as 4 weeks preg, but still very early. 

I genuinely hope & pray this works for you lots of positive vibes, try and keep your mind occupied with anything else right now, lots of love xx


It happens to so many women, whether they are doing IVF or not, it really is not your body; Mother Nature is not always kind. I love men but I don't suppose the term 'chemical pregnancy' was thought up by a woman!!! xx fingers crossed for us both :-)


Hello, it depends on what treatment plan you are on, if you are taking Cyclogest pessaries on your 2Ww and other meds this will delay your period and you need to keep taking the meds until you knew if you were pregnant.  If you're paying private this will cost you extra for the meds each day.  I would recommend you test so you know whether to keep going with your treatment or whether you can stop and have a large glass of wine! 

I would love to be so relaxed about my 2 ww to see if my period arrives or not, but I'm afraid it sends you crazy and you literally count down the days and hours until the test! 

Good luck with your cycle 🍀 Xx 


Hi Hannah :-)

Thanks for your message - I hadn't actually considered that I would need to continue with the meds (Progynova and Crinone) however you are spot on, I've just checked and it does say that in the clinic's blurb. Eeek! two weeks is such an early pregnancy, to be honest I don't want to know that early! 

I am laughing at myself as I know that most women would be desperate to do the test lol xx


I started my period before or on my test date for all 3 of my BFN's. Most clinics ask you to call after your test with a result so not sure you can really get away with not testing, it does sound appealing in some ways though. X



I purposely didn't test. Why.....?

Reading most of the girls feelings, most didn't seem happy to have tested.

I wrote a list of questions for a yes and a no so I would be prepared for the otd. Then I would be prepared for the doctors appointment and not caught off guard.

Also, I didn't want a false result either positive or negative.

I didn't want to rely on a hpt when the beta is all that counts

I didn't want two let downs if it was negative, which it was :(

I'm really happy I didn't test, it was something I could control ;) a little something but very welcome :)

Whatever you decide to do, good luck hon xx


I agree.  I am currently 5 days away from OTD and have no intention whatsoever of testing before that.  You can't be sure the result is accurate so what is the point of putting yourself through the turmoil.  As the cycle lasts for several weeks I don't see what difference another couple of days makes :-)


Thanks everyone for your messages - it's really helpful to hear your views/experience on this. Seems like if it's a bfn I will know about it pretty quickly anyway! I absolutely agree with not wanting a false negative or positive, that just plays with your head and life's too short for that. 

I've made up my mind I'm not testing! I'm sure our clinic will want to know but I was taught that patience is a virtue :-)

Thanks again, and best of luck to all of you xxx


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