Transfer on Weds 9th

Hi everyone well I'm on the dreaded dog year 2ww my transfer of 1 5d frozen embryo was a little traumatic with my bladder not full enough x2 so a delightful catheter was required, then my stubborn uterus couldn't be found eventually they got the consultant after the lady had been "stabbing in the dark" for forty minutes!! Typically he found the money shot straight away so least men come in useful eh!! The lady was using a plastic speculum which was so painful so thank god for the old style metal which he reverted too!! Apparently I have a long entrance to my vaginal wall, ah right!!

So the 2ww I suppose depends how you look at it I'm either 3 or 4 days post transfer. After the transfer in the evening I wiped after pee and there was some pink on the tissue I convinced myself it was from all the trauma been nothing discharge wise since, I have had cramping weds thurs and a little this morning but again have convinced myself it's wind!

My mum bought me an adult colouring book I laughed but I can thoroughly recommend it's taken my mind off the 2ww and the recent loss of my beloved cat SpectreπŸ˜₯🐾 sounds crazy but we miss him terribly, he would have filled a lot of time up too!

Perhaps some would say too soon but last night we went to look at some X bengals (I can't justify a pedigree at 500£ + ) and well I persuaded DH we needed two little fellas so we have reserved 2! #pushylady! The first little fella will join us 3rd April and the second 20th April- we still get teary over Spectre-it was weird on the way out of the house though as their car registration was 007 spooky and well I think him looking down giving the nod as he was treated like a king!! 😽😽

Wow hadn't realised I had waffled on so much I guess it's passed ten minutes for me and for those reading it on the 2ww! I suppose my question is what else should I be feeling? My fresh cycle which was a bfn I had sore boobs that was about it so that was probably the meds. I so hope this works as much as I love cats I don't want to become the crazy cat lady with no kids πŸ˜₯.

I want to end on a positive so sending baby dust and hope to all!

Nicola 🀐🀐

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  • Hey

    I'm on day 15dp3dt not got my otd till Tuesday 15th when I'll be 18dp3dt. Today is day 35 of my cycle.

    It's the longest wait ever isn't it!

    I've got colouring books, watched 5 series of downton Abby, bought a 1000 piece jigsaw, he he he the things we do.

    Aaah and my dog, well he's great.

    Do what you have to do is my motto

    Good luck honey xx

  • 18days Christ I would have chewed my fingers off!! Today is day 30 for me my otd is a week on Tuesday. Last time I watched whole series of walking dead which in hindsight wasn't my greatest decision! This time I have coloured in and opted for comedy I'm gonna try the office as never seen it got Netflix so may as well use it!! It's torture the wait isn't it πŸ˜©πŸ˜’!! Be thinking of you Tuesday!

    Nic x

  • He he he not alot else we can do is there lovely ;)

  • Just wanted to say good luck on your 2 week wait.

    Sorry to hear about your cat, I know you will miss your cat dearly but I'm sure your new kittens will help with the grievancing progress. I've convinced my husband that if round 2 doesn't work we will need a new puppy although even if round 2 does work I'm sure I will still convince him I need a new puppy as a play mate for our 2 year old cocker lol x

  • Haha crazy cat yes indeed you will! Thanks for the luck!!

    Where are you up to in your journey?


    Nicola x

  • I've just sadly gone through a very early miscarriage after 1st attempt. But picking up the pieces and sorting our heads for 2nd attempt later in year. X

  • Oh I'm so sorry for your loss that must have been so difficult. Do you have frozen or are you having to go through another fresh cycle? X

  • No frozen so another fresh round for us, we are also having to change clinic as ours is closing. X

  • Hi Randall55 I'm on the 2WW too, transfer on 9th as well, I do a POAS test on 20th. That transfer sounds traumatic, it's so uncomfortable when they push down on your bladder isn't it! I had a few twinges a few days after transfer but I try not to read into them because it seems all symptoms could be good or bad. Good luck for the next weekπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

  • Hi Maria-Louisa

    Aw did you! Hope yours wasn't as bad! Hopefully be all worth it!

    I had some weird pains last night but again trying to not read too much into it....will this be your first if it works? Was it FET?

    My otd is Tuesday 22nd let's hope for baby news for us both!


    Nicola xx

  • I've had twinges that I don't get normally but now there are no symptoms whatsoever. It would be nice to get implantation bleeding, it drives you slowly insane doesn't it! This is our 4th transfer, we've done a few fresh and a few frozen. My date was meant to be 21st but as I'm back at work that day I didn't think I could take it if it was a negative so they said 20th would be fine. Good luck! Let me know how you get on! X

  • I have had twinges and some pink blood on day of transfer few hours after doubt that was implantation unless that was a super embryo probably the traumatic transfer and tearing perhaps. I know what you mean re no symptoms too, today I had this wave of sickness that I had to go and lie down with it was awful then nothing now I'm slowly driving myself insane I guess working in mental health I'm in the right job lol. I'm back in work tomorrow until weds (finishing early) then off until Mon then it's my test tues and I'm off rest of the week then it's Easter and I don't work Bh so plenty of time (well a little) to pull myself together if it's a bfn! how many embryos did they put in? They only wil put one in for me sadly as I have had several crohns operations and my BP fluctuates it's annoying really as just feel my odds are slashed straight away πŸ˜₯..ur fourth must be so draining Hun xx I have four left frozen now and I am forty in August so won't make another fresh Xx

  • Glad you've got plenty of time to recover or celebrate! mental health sounds interesting, and hopefully helps with the emotional side of things if you have more awareness? That sucks that you can't have more than one put in, we've had two put back so I suppose there's an increased chance of having a baby but not necessarily 2 if there are greater risks, but I don't know I'd just like to not have to go through this again. It's been a hard 4 years but feeling more resilient these days, or maybe just gone crazy, I can't decide which!


  • Aw well sending you baby dust!! Hopefully we will be celebrating let me know how you get on xx

  • Hi, looks like we have the same test day! Which is also my mums birthday! Mine was fet after failed attempt in December. Had pink spotting yesterday and transfer was on Friday. 2ww is just a nightmare. Have you taken time off work? I just want to be at home for 2 weeks I've taken today off sick but know I've got to go back in. Feel like I did too much last time so taking it extra easy this time! How you feeling this morning?x

  • Hey! I went back in today taking shorted weeks got a really understanding boss so I'm in today tomorrow and Thursday then off and back in Monday then test Tuesday and off rest of the week! Aw I know it is a nightmare isn't it today took my mind off things for a while back home now though! Avoiding pregnancy test aisle in tesco as last time tested early and was so disappointed. My fresh cycle was October and I've got four left now frozen I just hope it's a good result for both of us!! Atb

    Nicola x

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