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Help.. Apologies for tmi!!


Hi all hope you are all ok?!

I'm 5w+3 and yesterday had brown discharge on pad. Only lasted a couple of hours but there's still a very small amount now when I wipe. Aswell as this, was quite sick this morning, couldn't keep even a sip of water down, had to pull over and be sick in a bag whilst a lovely man in a van watched.

Can anyone give me an indication to what it might be? Researched to find that brown was normal with us IVF ladies, just a little worried I guess. Xx

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Yes brown is very normal. I had spotting for a few weeks, can't remember how long for now ( blaming it on baby brain, am now 27 weeks :-) ). Try not to worry.

Best wishes,


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Thanks for the reply! I think it just took me by surprise in all honesty. Congratulations too!! Xx

Totally common I had it from about 6 weeks until 12.. only when I wiped now 29 weeks pregnant x

Ps and I had bleeds too

Don't worry x

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Thanks for your comment. I'll try to relax down now properly! Congratulations!! Xx

I had some brown blood at 12 weeks and everything was fine. Just keep your clinic/midwife updated x

Hi ya! Dont want to be a bad news but i had brown discharge at about 6 -7 weeks and i knew it was just tiny bit. Then had discharge at 8-9 weeks and new there is smth not right.

Went to EPUnit and doctor said...all good, old blood, nothing to worry about.

That evening i had miscarriage.

So if i would be you i d try to get the early scan and some progesterone going (or up the dosageif you still on it).

I really hope its nothing and you and baby/babies are ok xxx

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Unfortunately, this also happened to me with previous pregnancies and like that, I just knew it didn't feel right and scans confirmed my fears. Pritsko is right - an early scan or blood test would be the only way to confirm all is ok. They probably won't scan until 6 weeks though.

For my IVF pregnancy, I had bright red blood in the early days and everyone always says that's bad but I'm now 22 weeks so it's really difficult to tell how things could turn out. I hope you can get a blood test or scan and all is ok.

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