Is Claritin ok?

Hey guys, how are you? I'm feeling like mother nature is killing me! I have cedar fever and my face hurts!

I hate taking any medicines, and rarely take Tylenol. I desperately want to take Claritin or any allergy medicine, but I think I read it can dry up cm. I wonder if that's accurate?

I've been snorting caloidal silver, but it's not helping. Anyway, hope everyone is okay, and have a great night.

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  • I have researched and it seems like Claritin (regular) is OK. Also Benadryl is supposed to be safe as well (actually read some posts on various sites that almost seemed too good to be true (maybe planted?).

    I have nasty seasonal allergies. If I don't take stuff with Pseudoephedrin (which is supposed to be risky or not tested enough to be safe for pregnancy), I tend to still have symptoms which tend to turn into sinus. Then ear infections. That usually ends any air travel for me, which is a requirement for my job.

    But look. While other people may share their experiences, I believe this is the kind of question you should really direct to your clinic.

    I hope they have a good solution for you. Note that if you get pregnant, there are not many allergy pills that are considered safe in pregnancy either. So you'll need to research that too.

    Good luck. Hugs xx

  • Hi Serrine. Unfortunately strong anti-histamines as a whole should be avoided whilst trying to get pregnant. However, the common “non-drowsy” hay fever anti-histamines are usually OK to take whilst going through treatment, but need to be stopped when pregnant. There is an ointment called “Hay Max” which you can get from “Holland & Barrett” which is completely organic and harmless. It is just a cream that you put up your nostrils to catch pollen etc and I believe it works well. They do make other products too which might be beneficial for you. I’m sure your GP will reassure you further. Take care and hope you soon feel better. Diane

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