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Protein during ivf


I've heard that we should be eating more protein during ivf and not too many carbs.

I know chicken , broccoli , fish, eggs are protein , but what else .

What has your typical diet been ,? Really want to up my protein next 3 weeks .

And have also read that drinking lots of milk is good ( that's calcium isn't it)

Be great full for any advice and to hear what you all have been eating .

Thank you xx

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So some of these are for when you're also pregnant.

For protein - Chickpeas, lentils, beef, hummus, cheese, yoghurt (Greek yoghurt is great for protein), seafood sticks. Don't forget omega-3 in fish (limit portions though), folic acid in green leafy veg, vitamin d in eggs, fortified milk and some cereals and I think whole meal bread. Cereals will also have iron. Have an orange for the vitamin c to help with iron absorbance - a whole orange is better than drinking juice as less sugar and more fibre. You'll want lots of fibre when you do become pregnant, things get a bit sluggish in that department! Porridge is good, I have it with berries and yoghurt.


My meals are mainly chicken not too keen on fish although I've tried cod I've had the odd tuna salad!! I have porridge for breakfast with half a banana and some berries mixed in using whole milk!! Chickpeas lentils etc are protein foods egg based things ive had roasted red pepper and feta and spinach quiche I'm addicted to Greek yoghurt!! Also eating lots of fruit and vegetables tonight we are on homemade chicken wraps with wholemeal tortilla wrap!!! With plenty of mixed peppers and salad but today is Saturday I'm allowing myself a treat today in form of having a small cake!!!! X

Tlove in reply to hope84

Just go easy on the tuna when you are pregnant - check the guidelines as its a high Mercury containing fish. I think 2-3 portions a week is ok and also depends if it's fresh or canned but I didn't want to be stressing so I avoid it. Honestly, sometimes I feel like they expect you to live on fresh air when pregnant!!

Aimaim77 in reply to Tlove

Thanks I would never even of thought about avoiding tuna . I love smoked salmon ( the one you can just eat out of the pack , is that ok .

There's so much to think about isn't there. Did you have to use the nasal spray . ? I actually am feeling like I've got a sinus infection and v sore throat. Feel irratable too. Sometimes wish I was a man so that they know exactly what is women have to go through. !

I've only had the odd tuna salad the last time I had it was over 3 weeks ago!!! Well going through this whole ivf process what u can what you can't I allow myself a treat every weekend cause I'm a chocolate and cake addict so I allow myself to have a treat it's stressful enough as it is!!!!x

Tlove in reply to hope84

Absolutely! I kept up drinking tea too but limit it.

Hi yes you have been given great advice, google it and certain sites give you a run down on what's good and what's not, that's what I did to make sure I was getting best advice. Defiantly up protein and lower carbs...good luck xx

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