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BRING IT ON Ladies. . . 2WW, Who else is with me ??

Transfer (1 embryo) done today ! Our Blasty was looking gorgeous ☺️😍

Out of 6 fertilised eggs 5 made to blasto stage. Hospital is going to call us today/ tomorrow morning if they can freeze other 5.

It would be great to hear back your 2ww experiences, your test date, and what your hospital have suggested to take care with? Come on ladies bring it on. . . We are almost there 🙏🏻🙏🏻🍀🍀

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Hi babyHope. Just wanted to wish you every success with your little blasty! Fingers crossed that they manage to store your other embies frozen for future use. Drink plenty of water and try and keep busy if you can - plus a little lie down won't go amiss either! Diane

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I had mine today too. 10 eggs collected only 3 fertilised and none to freeze so we are a bit disappointed overall, but the blastocyst that went in today (ed the embryo) was very good quality so we are hopeful!

Test date Feb 10th

This is our first cycle, private too so not sure how the next 2 weeks will go!

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That's great 😊

I had also 10 eggs collected, 8 fertilised and 6 of them reached till blasto stage. One of them was of best quality told by doctor so put in and rest of them will be frozen. My test date is 8th Feb

I a really keeping fingers crossed for all who are in their 2ww xxx

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I've just finished 2ww and it was horrific- I was convinced it hadn't worked and when I got a bit of brown spotting when my period was due I was desolate and crying. This was my fifth cycle and I have got good at recognising when it's failed. Not that good though- because I got a BFP!

So my thoughts out to all of you. Keep busy and well rested and try to hold on to day 14 to test.

Also - once it's over you have a 3WW - until the first scan......... Got to keep those fingers crossed a bit longer. X


Hey JessR,

Congratulations 😍😍

It is an awesome news. I am very happy for you xxx

And thanks for your wishes 😌. Can't wait to finish my 2ww 🙈


This is my 3rd attempt, one fail and one miscarriage. Got my fingers crossed for 3rd time lucky. Was told it was a really good one put in, I've had cramp every day since (I don't have periods) my test day is the 7th Feb, I'm 30 on the 2nd Feb so fingers crossed I get a good birthday present 🍀🙏😀. I keep saying to myself that this has to be the one, difficult as always to stay positive and I'm always worried if I get angry or upset I am failing because I'm sending bad energy through my body. Good luck to you all, baby dust X X

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Hey SuzanneAM,

I will pray for you. Hope you get your birthday present as BFP ☺️☺️

Coincidently my test date is my birthday eeek 🙈 (8th Feb) I am really hoping to get my birthday present too xxx

Loads of baby dust 😊


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