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Just another update

Hi All.

Just thought I would give you a little update. So since my last failed IVF treatment which we never even got to egg collection . I have had one period since which was around November time and not pregnant. So phoned up the clinic about 10 days ago and they have said to start taking Provera tablets, I'm now day 7 and have another 3 left. They said I should start to bleed but no signs as yet. On day 2 of my bleed I am to start Cyclo-progynova for 21 days..

Has anyone else been on these before and had any success. ?

Hope all is well with you all XX

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Hi wizzleandmolly. Can I ask why you have been prescribed this medication? Is it to regulate your periods? Diane


Hi Diane. Many thanks for your reply. I believe that on this occasion it's to control when I bleed, which I have started today :-) I am to start cycloprogynova tomorrow for 21 . I believe I shall start my second lot of treatment soon. :-)


Hi. That's good to hear. Sounds like you're on the right course now, so let's hope all progresses well from here on. Diane


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