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Anyone Starting Menopur Injections this month ??

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Hello ladies,

Just a little update from my side, I had been for my baseline scan this morning. All looked okay and got a thumps up πŸ‘πŸ» from nurse to get going with menopur injections from tonight and continue till egg collection (around 20th Jan). Just can't wait to see my first ever BFP (at least things are moving faster now) ! ☺️ Xxx

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Exciting times 😬 I wish you well...x

Hi Ive got my first IVF APP 26th jan , how long did you have to wait from your first app to get to starting your injections? And when will my baseline scan be ? It's all very exciting and confusing at the same time xx

BabyHope in reply to Aimaim77

Hey Mia77,

It all sounds so exciting specially when things are moving bit faster. My initial IVF appointment was on 20th October, and I was asked to do baseline scan and AMH blood test before this appointment. Then there was something called Implications appointment where nurse explained whole process and we had to sign few more forms. Because of Christmas break it was bit delayed. But frankly speaking it is just your next period they start with medications (if consent forms are signed, baseline scan is alright and AMH test is done) . They will decide on these test readings which protocol you will be put on for IVF. I am on short protocol and starting my injections today evening. Best of luck for your treatment xx

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