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Hi all,

I've been getting quotes and doing research ready for my prescription now I know the protocol I'll be on. I was wondering if anyone had used ASDA or Alcura for medication and how they found it?

They are, by far, the cheapest places I've found so would like to use them as I'm self funding, so wanted to get some experiences from you on here.

If anyone knows anywhere that does medication at better rates that you would recommend that would be brilliant!



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Hi Donna, we used asda (that have a nonprofit approach to fertility drugs) they were very efficient and everything was available either in the day or by the next day. I couldn't find anywhere cheaper and was happy with the service. Good luck with your cycle! Xx


We used ASDA as well. No problem at all.


We were referred to the boots in the hospital, went tyere, gave my name and the goodie bag was there.


Thank you all!

Helen - I saw the non profit info on the net which I thought was really good considering the cost of the cycle anyway, that's what really got me thinking of researching for medication instead I of getting it from the clinic! Thank you for your wishes! Xx

Filmgirl - thank you for sharing too, I think I'm going to use asda for the meds bar 1 as it's cheaper with alcura. Xx

Inthemiddleofit - I went into my local boots who just didn't seem to care or listen to me at all. They were quite sketchy of how long it would take to get meds in too. I'm glad, however, your experience was good!! Xx



I've used ASDA for my last 2 cycles. As said already really efficient always had my medication within 36hrs usually sooner.



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