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Anyone got BFP after a 2 day transfer with no symptoms?

Hi all,

I'm on our 3rd and final round of ICSI. I had 2 embryos transferred last Saturday 14th - which was a day 2.

It's now Friday morning (nearly a week) and despite cramping the day after (Sunday) I have had no symptoms except tiredness for around 3 days. No 'slight bleeding, cramping - nothing. I felt similar on my first round of IVF - also a 2 day transfer, but by day 4 I felt nothing and that resulted in a BFN.

Anyone experienced this and got a positive result? This 2WW is driving me 'up the wall.

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I think this 2ww is dreadful tbh some get a positive some get a negative, I could have sworn mine worked 2 out of the 3 times but no such luck.

Each person is different and each cycle too, afraid you just have to be patient doesn't mean no symptoms are bad. Keep positive loads of women had a positive without not a smidgen.

Good luck


Thanks TamTam

I've been truly going out of my mind and doing what I said I wouldn't do - looking at different websites and reading everyones experiences/symptoms etc. I'm just desperate for it to work like everyone else and comparing my lack of symptoms with my lack of symptoms and BFN last time. This is the longest 2 weeks ever. I feel for anyone going through all this. Thank you for your kind words and your reply. I really appreciate it. x

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I got a BFP after no symtoms, whereas first cycle I had aches, soreness and got a BFN. So it's impossible to read it correctly. Please avoid testing early as that could easily be false too, just wait until official day. Is it the full 14 days or is it less. I only had 11or 12 days to wait.

Go to the cinema, see like two movies in a row. Watch box sets, go for lunch with a pal, read escapist books and biographies. Just distract yourself from worrying.

Best wishes for your cycle, xxx


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