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Exercise and IVF

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I starting my stims injections (Gonal F), and I have a blood test later this week and two scans booked next week to monitor how I'm responding.

My question is about exercise. Yoga once or twice a week is what has kept me sane for a long time but now I'm considering if I should stop so I don't exert myself. Initially I was thinking during the 2WW I would cut it out, but now I'm wondering if I should stop it now?

Any advice appreciated. I do vinyasa flow and jivamukti styles.

Many thanks

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As the follicles grow you will be come heavy and bloated with period like pains....

Normally I play netball 3 times a week but now anything strenuous or that exerts me causes me to feel really tired and some discomforting pain.

Although Yoga is good all the strectching and twisting could cause you to feel uncomfortable, however you

Know how you feel....

Good luck

With your journey xx

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Thanks for replying. How long before I start to experience symptoms do you think?


Everyone is different.....

I am in my 3rd cycle fresh and all times it's been different.

After about 3 days you may start feeling tired more than normal, slightly bloated, dehydrated, maybe even a little insomnia ....

It could feel like a period pain but put that down to the follicles doing what they should be.

This isn't law it's my experience and could be different for you....

Hope that helps xx


Hi. I am a keen runner and do this or the gym daily. During our first round I exercised every day and found that often helped with some of the symptoms. I did stop after transfer though and did nothing except walking for the 2 weeks.

You know your body best and just listen to what it tells you. I agree that yoga has a lot of twisting which you may find uncomfortable as you become bloated but I'd just see how you go on.

Good luck xx


Hey! I kept exercising until I was taking my stimulating injections. My ovaries ended up huge and it was sore to walk in heels never mind the thought of running around! But, if I had felt up to it, I would have kept it up until ET. During the 2ww, I didn't do any exercise. I did really miss it as its a great way to relieve stress but, I found other things to keep me occupied instead (mainly box sets!).

Good luck! x


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