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Hi just had transfer of 2 embryos at day 3.... One 6 cell & 8 cell stage... They did say that the 8 cell stage was fragmented & then on arrival so was the 6 cell...she said maybe because it was dividing again.

She said that there was a higher chance of things not working because of this... I've been reading up so any further advice would be good. Thanks

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Hi Smithkin. So sorry to read that this has happened. Occasionally a fragmented embryo does carry on developing OK. However, I think this is one for your embryologist, as it can be caused by anything from poor egg quality, their growing environment or chromosome problems. I do hope all does goes well for you, and if not that you get a reason why this has happened. If you do decide to have another go at treatment, then you may be advised by your consultant to try ICSI – I don’t know, just


Thanks for your help & reply


Pleasure! Hope all ends well for you. Diane


Hi Smithkin, we only had 2 embryos and we're told they were both fragmented. One was 4/8 the other 5/8. I am currently 24 weeks pregnant and baby is doing great. Stay positive. X


Hi Stoud77

Thank you for your reply... Nice to hear from people who have been in the same position & congratulations to you also!!! Thanks again for your reply.... It does help. Xxxx

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