Really interesting read!

I noticed someone had posted this on another site and felt that it highlights how so many doctors are taking advantage of very vulnerable people. I hope this can change and hopefully faster than the 30 years Prof Winston suggests!

Incase the link above doesn't work then it was amazing article in yesterday's daily mail by prof Robert Winston

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  • I saw this very interesting x

  • Thank you, a very interesting read x

  • Bit of a depressing read isn't it for those of us who have to pay for treatment. We toured a couple of private clinics and felt they were too business like for us..

  • It's worrying but unfortunately most likely true as the NHS are so strapped for cash that it makes sense for them to make money in any area that they can. I've a whole bagful of unused drugs that were not needed, and last week the doc gave me an armful of extra syringes "just in case". Think he thought it would balance out our large fee ??

  • Thank you for posting this link up. It is a very interesting article. What can we do to increase awareness of this?! It is not right that people dealing with infertility are being exploited this way!! :-(

  • Thank you for the link very interesting!! Does not surprise me one bit! The nhs has fallen on hard times and being poorly managed by too many cooks!

  • It is an interesting article. My diagnosis is unexplained infertility and while IVF has worked for us, I still often wonder what the problem is/was and whether a simple

    test and/or procedure might have allowed for us to conceive naturally or even confirmed that invasive IVF treatment was indeed the only route. It does seem that we all (more or less) receive the same tests and that treatment isn't tailored to the individual patient. It does frustrate me! x

  • Defiantly makes you think about everything x

  • Hopeful1982 I have also been 'diagnosed' with unexplained infertility and am left with the same questions as you. As a result of not knowing I have questioned every aspect of my life. Am I eating the wrong foods? Exercising too much? Not exercising enough? Am I too stressed? It's never ending.

    I wish there was away of making a real stand. I suppose it's one of these situations where you would say that en masse you would want people to boycott clinics which are taking advantage of vulnerable people and make them realise it's unacceptable. But we constantly feel like we are up against the clock and we are desperate for results.

    I feel like we need an advocate. Robert Winston has started the ball rolling but we need someone to speak up for us. This is an incredibly private situation for most people and few are willing to publicly discuss the pain and heartache we live with. i have considered writing to my mp to highlight the situation but feel like one voice isn't enough! I think we are stuck with the situation and perhaps have to make the most of what we have!

  • I would like to make a stand on this too, perhaps someone at the Infertility network could help us? By perhaps organising a petition or helping to draft a letter to our mp's. There really has to be something we can do!

  • Def feels like groups like infertility network could/should stand up for us here.

  • Hi Imd123. Yeh I read that article couple days ago my hubby told me about it . Very interesting and I think we all should "take a minute " think ....x

  • I contacted Dr Rebecca Chicot who is an administartor on the Essential parenting fertility formum. She has been posting up information from Prof Wilson and advised me he is doing further media interviews to spread awareness against the exploitation of couples going through fertility treatment. He will be appearing on the Jeremy Vine show on radio 2, womens hour on Radio 4 and will also be appearing on This morning. I have asked Dr Rebecca to advise dates and times of these interviews so will keep everyone updated :-)

  • We really need this to be out there and hopefully this can pick up some momentum!

  • The interview on This Morning is on Thursday (10th) and the Jeremy Vine interview is today (may be over by now though) the womens hour interview is to be confirmed so will let you all know.

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