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Long wait

I feel devastated we had one round of Ivf that was successful then fell through and now I've got to wait to ovulate ( which there not sure I do) to have this killer cells test to be able to have my last egg put back in .... Think I'm looking at a long wait :( feel heart broken tonight ..... Does anybody else ever just get moments where they wanna cry because pressure and waiting just get way to much xx

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I'm so sorry you are having to go through this and feeling so low. I know exactly how you feel and sometimes think I can almost hear time ticking away from us. I think it's very hard to be powerless and out of control. We are in a very stressful, painful situation and the waiting is just awful. Sending you love and support and just wanted to let you know you're not alone in the way you are feeling xxx


Thank you chick xx I hate there is so many of us going through this when you think a baby is the most natural thing ever xx I just hope we all get out happy ever afters xx sending love to you honey xx

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Constantly! Our Ivf icsi worked, but our daughter was born far too early due to placental abruption 7wks wks ago. We're waiting for our follow up appt with the clinic to find out what happens next time. If they do the same protocol, there's a chance we could start this month, but if they change the protocol or drugs we won't be able to as nurses appt for drugs has been pushed back so too late for my cycle (13 eggs, 10 embryos, only 2 survived most likely due to OH spermatozoa antibodies, both implanted, only one took so nothing left to freeze). Other half will have to go back to work very soon (works offshore in gas and oil industry) so if we miss out this month it will be more like Nov/Dec if we're lucky. I'm so so scared for our appointment and what they're going to say. I can't bare having to wait til end of the year, we've been waiting nearly a decade pm my patience gap disappeared. 5 babies lost and we're still here 😢, so yes hun, absolutely, many of us completely understand how you're feeling right now, it's a really crappy club to belong to isn't it. I wish you all the best and hope you get to start as soon as you can xx


I know that feeling only to well. Its do unfair that there are people out there that can pop babies out like they are sweets after drinking and smoking and not really bothered about having a baby, then there are people like us trying our hardest to get the most precious thing in the world and constantly feeling let down. Im getting to the point now where if i hear anyone is pregnant i resent them and get a bubbling feeling in my stomach which makes me want to scream!! I hope you start feeling better soon and know we are sll in the same situation and here if you need us xx


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