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Impatient 😔

Hey guys! Good news is I have a date to go to the patient information evening from then I'm guessing it's the first consultation, does anybody know how long the process for IVF takes from then?. I'm guessing it varies from different clinics. I think I can speak on behalf of all of us when I say how impatient we all are when we have been waiting for so long, anybody give any tips to keep busy?- maybe a new hobby? Hmmmmm 😊

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The clinic should be able to tell you waiting times from when you are officially on the list. From first appointment to treatment for me it took over a year.


Hi, we had our first appt with the consultant at the clinic on June 4th, had some bloods etc done and now waiting to call in to tell them I am on day 1, will be staring injections this month ready for egg collection in around 6 weeks. I'm overwhelmed at how quickly it has gone, I expected to be told it would be months. I guess it depends on your specific fertility issues, our lie with my husband so diagnostic tests for me haven't had to be done so may be that has sped things up a little. Good luck 🍀🍀


It's definitely a big hurdle getting the first consultant appointment date.

I had mine at the beginning of November and we started injections on Xmas day. Test date was in the beginning of February.

It will soon be here, don't you worry :-)


Thank you, they said there's no waiting lists so hopefully should be quite quick, I only have one tube and ovary so thinking that may hold me back a little as they can only get eggs from one side, not sure how it all works. I shall keep working and keep going and it will soon be here!. 😁


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