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Tuboplasty anyone had this done? I am fed and and extremely pissed of that the clinc we are with actually seems useless but happy to take our money.

According to my consultant when I was 18 told both tubes blocked IVF only route. Got pregnant 3 times 2

Miscarriages and 1 ectopic ended in tunnel loss of left. Never been pregnant ageing. Had dye test and the remaining tube has now said is ok but got adhesions sooooooo then surely it can be opened up

And repaired?

So frustrated that this could be the case going to doctors to ask about this procedure and if it will work as if my tube is operations it could

Increased chances.

Sorry for the rant😞

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Hello I had an operation to repair my tubes and was given 40% chance of conceiving naturally afterwards. For me unfortunately it didn't work and I ended up going to IVF anyway.

It is worth a try though and standard practice for them to try and repair tubes if it is at all possible.


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