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So another BFN 12dp3dt

Hey ladies

Just to say tested again a while ago using clear blue as thought if it had worked must be positive by now but there it was a big old NOT PREGNANT.... Didn't think it really matters if morning or afternoon if your pregnant your pregnant right?

Anyhow have to test on Sunday as hubby doesn't know I have tested so at least the blow won't be so bad for me and I can pick him up rather than he pick me up.

Wishing BFP to all who take this journey as its harsh.

Signing off now as this was out last attempt take care and be lucky xxxx

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You might still get a positive it may still be too early. In the beginning it should be first urine of the day as hcg levels aren't very high,once you were a few more weeks preg you could test anytime of day and it would still show pregnant result. I really hope you get a positive on Sunday you really do deserve it. Wishing you the very best X


Hey Jess

I am all out of hope but thank you anyways and good luck with your journey u deserve your dreams too 😘


Feeling your pain my lovely!! Wish you all the luck and laughter in the world as you deserve it xx


Oh Hun. I'm so very sorry. :( take care sweetie. Lots of love and hugs. Xxx


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