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Bfn after round 2....time out

Hey lovely ladies...so it's a big fat negative for me......received the news yesterday so took myself off to do the tears and tantrum bit to help with the recovery!!! It sucks, it's so unfair but at least I tried!!! Will pick myself up again and have another go but giving my body and mind a rest and got 3 week holiday planned in july so am looking forward to that!!! wishing all the ladies on here huge amounts of good luck, We will achieve cos we all bloody deserve it!! xxx

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Sorry to hear it didn't work this time, maybe a relaxing break is just what you need to get you ready for the next round.

Best of luck xx

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So sorry to hear that. Holiday sounds like a fantastic idea, will give you chance to relax and recharge. I haven't started my first round yet so have no idea how you are feeling and can only imagine the heartbreak. Allow yourself some me time and then look ahead and enjoy your holiday, I'm sure it will be very good for you xx good luck xx


Thanks Jojo and angel! Wishing you both lots of love on your journeys.... Stay strong and keep smiling...xx


Hi CamelKarma, really sorry to hear this. Life is so tough at times. I hope you have a nice holiday in July. My hubby and I are away at the moment (we start our IVF on Tuesday). It's really helped to take some time out. Take care x


Oh im so sorry, have a lovely holiday in july xx