Hi ladies, thought I would give you an update. We had egg collection last Thursday and managed to have some quality eggs. Today we had the transfer , 2 x embryos due to my age of 39. Feeling very mixed emotions, after being monitored for 2 x months with my treatment , it feels like I am back on my own .

Wishing for these little embryos to grow and grow, trying to keep those positive thoughts.

Anyone else have the lonely thoughts? Xxx

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  • I really hope you get your BFP.

    There's plenty of support on here for you. Our clinic said we could ring even if it was just for a chat, but we're at private clinic so it might be different to your clinic.

  • Thanks pm27, I'm so trying to keep these positive thoughts. Will be back at work tomorrow , keeping myself busy. Hope you are ok xx

  • I'm doing better and have booked appointments and hope to start our next round later this summer.

  • Hi Sharon fingers and toes crossed for you wishing you lots of baby dust! I understand what you mean Im a bit of a control freak and like a plan. Whilst the treatment was tough it helped having clear structure. Tomorrow will be the end of the 1st week post transfer. I have found it so tough! I've got a few things planned for the forth coming week to try and keep my mind occupied. X

  • Thank you wonji, spreading the baby dust your way as well. I have a busy weekend with my friends so hopefully stop the lonely thoughts and worrying.

    Thinking of you in the next few days of your journey xx

  • I think going back to work and keeping your mind busy has to be helpful. I agree Wonji1 we haven't even stared our cycle yet but I have already started to notice that when I'm not busy my mind starts to wonder. Of course don't work too hard and look after yourself, I guess rest is important at this stage as much as anything else. wishing you all the luck in the world - positive thoughts! this could be it :-) xx

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