Egg collection Wednesday

Hi everyone never thought I would come to this stage after all that long wait I had scan this morning and largest follicle was 22 about 20 of them x trigger tonight at 7:30 and egg collection Wednesday 7:30 morning .. Still thinking if there's something more I can do and what to eat to get the best result for me and whoever will get my eggs in future x I feel like its happening too fast now .. More than ever before need all your prayers and thoughts and all fingers and toes crossed and of course good luck and positive thinking to all of you x

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  • sounds like its all happening and going well. Its a good time to take your shot tonight too - good luck for weds

  • Thank you very much x yes quite glad don't meet to do it sometime too late at night x

  • Well done Miroslava. It all sounds really positive x

  • Hi hunni want to wish you lots and lots of luck with your egg collection and hope they get lots of healthy eggs that turn into beautiful embroyos :D So happy that your ivf cycle is going so well. Let us know how you get on Xxxx

  • Thank you very much Jess .. I try not to think about it that much will go and leave everything in hands of God and good hands of doctors and nurses x

  • Good luck, really hope it happens for you xx

  • Thank you x

  • Good luck for your egg collection today! What exciting time for you and your egg recipient! I had all my drugs delivered yesterday so not toooo far behind you! Will be thinking of you xxxxx

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