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looking for some advice please

hi i am looking for some advice, i am a women of 29 years i have no children but my partner has 2kids, he got a vasectomy about 10 years ago (i know the chances are very low) i also have PCOS i have done for around 13 years, we want to have a baby our self my question is does he need to get the reversal or can we go for IVF and get the sperm tooken from his testicles, we have done alot of research and understand that the chances are very low any advice would be greatly welcome xx

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Hi I don't have any advice for your particular journey, but I do know that they can surgically remove sperm during an IVF cycle if the man gets 'stage fright' or is unable to ejaculate on egg collection day so I'm sure they would be able to do something similar for you. X


Hi x I have exactly the same story x I am 31 now x partner got children from previous relationship and vasectomy done about 12 years ago x I have no children x if I could start again I would skip his reversal as we had only 25 percentage of it to be successful. But we were not informed well and wanted to try that first x it failed x tubes were too blocked to put back together x I wish we looked straight to ivf which would save us 2390 pounds we could of use for Pesa x we had that done too and now got enough sperm for 6 ICSi cycles xx and I started my tablets today x everybody is different tho maybe your partners reversal would be successful and u would get pregnant naturally after x hope this helps good luck to u and hope u get your wee family x its hard when your partner got childen already and u don't feels bad .. But u will get there xx


Hey Careen. I hope I can offer my story to give you some advice. There is no easy answer as to what to do and you may need to try both or one option may work for you. My bf had a vasectomy 15 years ago. He had the reversal a year and a half ago and we had such a low % of success but we went ahead anyway. Amazingly it worked! After 9 months of trying and nothing I started having tests and we had his sperm tested again. Devastatingly there was no sperm at all! We have been advised that this was due to tubes closing themselves up again due to scar tissue. I thought this was the end of the road for us. I started to look into IVF with ICSI and SSR (surgical sperm retrieval). With SSR if the male has no sperm due to a vasectomy there is a 95% chance that they will be able to get sperm (at the clinic i went to anyway). You do have to have ICSI though so all in all the whole procedure has cost £8000. Money that we have had to borrow unfortunately. He had the operation last week and they had enough sperm for another 8 go's of IVF. I am now in the 2 week wait to find out if it's worked. I dont know a lot about PCOS but I do know that many women to turn to IVF anyway to help fall pregnant with this condition so for you guys it may be work you going down the SSR route first? The operation for him was so much easier than the vasectomy reversal. He was extremely swollen and needed nearly 2 weeks off work (as has an active job) after the reversal however with the SSR he was slightly uncomfortable after the op but was back to work the next day with no swelling at all! Good luck with whatever you decide to do and if you need any other advice then please just give me a shout. x

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