Got a scan date now,as part of my intermestrual bleeding investigations yay!!

Hi ladies just wanted to share my happy news :) Yesterday I received my ultrasound appointment letter and I've got my scan booked in for Tuesday 24th march ! yippee as I was told they had a 6 week back log so surprised it's this quick! Luckily my hubby has got the day off work and is coming with me I think I might need the support as I think something is wrong. Get the blood results next week (menopause/thyriod screening one). Hopefully get to the bottom of this soon and get it sorted out and give me a better chance of having a baby!

Good luck to everyone trying for a baby be it natural or via treatment love to all xxxx

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  • That's great news , I wish you all the best XX

  • Thanks wizzleandmolly the support is very appreciated.

    Hope things are going well with you too xxx

  • Hope everything goes smoothly xxx

  • Thanks Pollypositive for the kind words of support means a lot to me.

    I hope all is going well with you too xxx

  • Great news that is all moving forward Jess. Good luck with the tests x

  • Thanks dee22 :) Blood tests all clear so relieved! One down one to go.

    Hope everything is going well with you. Xxx

  • Good luck Jess. Hope it's good news.

  • Thanks deedje means a lot :)

    I hope that you are ok sweet xxx

  • Hi Jess! Wow that's so exciting and even more so because it's a lot quicker than they said. Sometimes I think they give us the worst chase scenario when it comes to the waiting part. Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you that it's all good news. Just keep step closer! Take care and keep us posted xx

  • Thanks misssav I think they do too! I think they prioritize urgent scans so was gob smacked it's being done this month!!! Got my blood test results today all good nothing wrong :) Mega relieved!!! Got myself in such a stressed state over it all why do we do it to ourselves?!! Now I've got a tooth abbess which I've been prescribed antibiotics for I hope that sorts it out otherwise I've gotta have. 2 teeth taken out :(

    Any word from your clinic lovely? U ok? Xxxx

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