Yaaaaaaay :)

Hello everyone wee happy excited girl here .. clinic phoned like 30 mins ago that i am ready to start treatment x unfortunately they didnt find match for me but my eggs will go to bank for whoever will need them in future ... i am to phone clinic first day of my period then will know whats next xxx should be here shortly in next couple days so couldnt be better timing .. i phoned my sister first now writing here straight away to say thank you for great support and please stay with me in your thoughts and prayers x and all the best to all of you on your journey xx

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  • Brilliant news I am so happy for you great timing :) Keep me posted wishing you the very best with your treatment xxx

  • Thanx Jess .. i had feeling yesterday that it could be this week when they phoned afternoon thats one hill climbed .. another one in front of us .. good luck to you too xx

  • That's fantastic news! Good luck with your treatment x

  • Thank you hopeful1982 all the best your way too xx

  • Congratulations Miroslava! Wishing you all the best. Keep us posted. I have my genetic blood test results appointment on Friday and then will be in the same position waiting for that phone call! Eeeeek! xx

  • Thank you misssav.. hope things go great for you too !! Xx

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